Fit frozen desserts from Arctic Zero

Arctic Zero aerial Sponsored postWouldn’t you love to have dessert any time you like without sabotaging your healthy diet? It’s actually possible with Arctic Zero frozen desserts. Now you can enjoy all the flavor and sweetness you love without all the fat and calories – yes, really.

Handcrafted from premium ingredients, including organic cane sugar, low-calorie monk fruit concentrate {for a sweet taste}, and chicory root {for fiber}, and hormone-free whey protein concentrate {for  lactose-free protein}, it’s the perfect guiltless pleasure for a hot summer day. UntitledWhether you are looking for an afternoon snack, a sweet treat for a special diet, or you are simply wanting to eat healthier, substituting Arctic Zero for a full-fat ice cream or gelato is the perfect way to stay on track. Arctic Zero stacked
We were crazy excited when a crate of this awesome stuff landed on our porch and couldn’t wait to dig in. I was so excited I didn’t even know where to start. Do you eat a spoonful of each and decide a favorite right away, or do you savor each pint as it is opened and decide at the end?   Arctic Zero in boxIn the end we chose to share a pint as a family so we didn’t have to thaw all of our pints at once. Because Arctic Zero is made without cream, it freezes a little harder than ice cream does, which means it needs a little waiting period after being pulled from a freezer. Since ours was on dry ice, it needed even a little extra time. But, after the 15 minute thaw time it was time to start off our taste test. From the first bite it was a success.

I love that it’s acceptable to eat right out of the pint, but should we decide to share our pints as a family our package even came with this adorable ice cream scoop. You can even go with chocolate dipped bars if you prefer a more on-the-go variety when you are needing a fit frozen dessert away from the home. Arctic Zero scoopThe whole family is now smitten with Arctic Zero treats and they have become the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, enjoy after a long bike ride, or enjoy as a family after a long, hot day. The kids were so excited when they saw that I had stocked our freezer with enough Arctic Zero to survive this hot Seattle summer, and have been enjoying a cool, tasty treat whenever their sweet tooth strikes.

My one issue? I cannot decide if I prefer the creamy or chunky varieties {with bits of fruit and bites blended in}, but that’s a pretty good problem to have. On one hand you have smooth, creamy goodness, and on the other you have bonus treats waiting for you in your frozen dessert. It’s a tough call, really. Arctic Zero
The good news is that whether you go with creamy or chunky and whether you enjoy it by the pint or you choose to share, I’m sure you will love Arctic Zero!

Have you tried Arctic Zero yet? What is your favorite flavor or one you would like to try?

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  1. I have not tried this ice cream out yet, but it sure sounds delicious and we love ice cream at our house. We will have to give this ice cream a try.

  2. I still haven’t tried these but now would be perfect since I am trying to diet! The cookie shake flavor sounds so good!


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