Matching Girls Monday: Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July from Rave and Review

This was our first Matching Girls Fourth, ever. They also wore these same dresses last year even though they were a bit short, so I just added leggings. This year? I totally blew it on Fourth outfits, so they will just be rocking one of their normal matching girls outfits. Fourth of July girlsI gotta admit it, I’m a little sad I forgot this year. They DO have matching bandanas, though. And a Declaration of Independence shirt they can wear. That totally counts, right?  Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness

10 thoughts on “Matching Girls Monday: Happy Fourth of July!”

  1. Our fourth of July was rained out, so they going to have fireworks next week. That means our kids will at least get two uses out of their Independence Day outfits.


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