Ready, aim, fire with the Sky Rover Voice Command RC Helicopter

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Have you ever wished that you could take the controls and command helicopters to take off, land, and fire? Now you can with Auldey Toys new Sky Rover Voice Command Missile Launcher. It’s basically a little kid’s dream present, amiright?

The Sky Rover is a remote controlled gyro balanced helicopter that you can fly all around your home. You can hover while scanning the terrain, dive and soar through the air, and you can launch one of the 8 plastic missiles that comes with the Sky Rover.  You can control it via remote, or you can use the included headset to give voice commands to the Sky Rover. Sky Rover on couchOur first impressions upon opening the Sky Rover was that the helicopter itself is actually really cool on its own, even without missiles, voice command, or any other bells and whistles. RC helicopters have come a long way in the past few years, and the Sky Rover makes it clear that these are no longer little kids’ toys. Sky Rover Voice Command HelicopterFor years, toy helicopters were seemingly designed to be played with a few times before you ended up recovering the remains of your broken copter after it spun off course. The Sky Rover flew much smoother than those toys we’ve played with in the past, which I imagine is thanks to that gyro balanced motor to provide easier and more stable flying. Sky Rover blades turningEven after only minutes of playing, we were all having a blast firing missiles and flying in all directions. It was declared that this was the coolest toy ever by our 11 year old reviewer, and he didn’t want to stop playing with it. Even the adults agreed that this was a seriously cool little helicopter and that even they would like to play with it and master flying.Sky Rover with boySince we were just learning the Sky Rover and especially the voice command features, we had fun trying out each new command to see how it responds. Like when we first put on the head set and asked “How do I take off?” and it magically popped up off the ground and hovered, waiting for our next command. Seriously, how cool is that?Sky Rover in airWith 12 different voice commands to control everything from hovering, scanning for enemies, and firing the missiles, as well as a remote control that can fully operate the craft, you can choose whichever play method you would like. Sky Rover boys playingIf you are just looking for a fun little helicopter to fly from room to room, you can opt to use the remote, but if part of your play includes elaborately set up enemy territory, you are going to want that voice command option that makes you feel like you’re part of the play.Sky Rover in hand Find out more about the Sky Rover Voice Command Missile Launcher on You can purchase the Sky Rover on, or you can find it in select retailers nationwide.

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