Where we were: Sunday in Fremont

Fremont family Fremont is one of my favorite places on earth, and it was so great too get back there now that spring has officially sprung. We love walking along the Burke-Gilman trail and watching the boats go by, seeing the draw bridge go up and down, and picking wildflowers to add to any bouquets we buy at the market.Fremont flowers

This little one has been to Fremont numerous times, but this was her first time exploring like a big kid. She loved it.Fremont baby and daddyFremont babyFremont smelling flowers

This girl loves nature, so she would be perfectly happy exploring the waterfront all day long. Fremont photo

And this boy? He adores the boats, the buildings, and the water. Fremont waterfront with BubFremont police boat

If you’ve never been to the area, you will definitely want one of these walking maps that you can pick up right off the Burke-Gilman trail {right by the Dino hedges}. This will help make sure you don’t miss anything as you explore everything from the troll to the shore. And, yes, there really is a troll and it really is awesome. You can’t go to Fremont and not take a picture by the famous troll under the bridge.Fremont walking tour
Fremont Sunday Market

3401 Evanston Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

But, the biggest draw to Fremont for me is the Fremont Sunday Market, especially in spring and summer. While technically the European-style street market is hopping year-round, in the summer the Fremont Sunday Market is so much bigger, has more food trucks, and the hours are longer. This year the market is celebrating their 27th anniversary helping treasure hunters and vendors connect to support small businesses.  Fremont sunday market sign

Plus, you can buy Seattle Pops popsicles and not look crazy.
Fremont sunday market kids Fremont shopping

At  the market, you will find all sorts of handmade goodies, artisan crafts, fruits, veggies, artists, and resalvage/vintage booths. Fremont soap Fremont daddy daughter

The market is also a great place to buy veggie starts to get your own garden started, or you can buy fresh fruits and veggies locally as they come into season.Fremont plants Fremont succulents Fremont baby Fremont rings Fremont boys

In the covered area of the market, you will find what resembles a flea market, as well as one of our favorite Seattle photographers who sets up a booth there nearly every Sunday. He’s been taking our pictures since 2006 or so, and we have quite the collection. Fremont score

My son looks forward to going to the market every chance he gets because they always have a good selection of cars, trucks, ships, and random finds that my son considers treasures. For instance, this Star Wars ship that he fell in love with and flew all the way home. Fremont buy

You can connect with Fremont Sunday Market on Facebook, or you can visit the official Fremont Sunday Market site.

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  1. I love visiting the Fremont Market! Sadly, I haven’t been there in years, but it was always a fun time when I did. Have you done the guided walking tour around Fremont?

  2. I have never really visited Fremont , just always drive thru – looks like some fun things to do around there! Definitely want to hit up the market too!


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