The Mitsubishi Outlander 2017 makes all of our dreams come true

A big thank you to Drive Shop USA for this test driving experience. All opinions are 100% ours. Outlander 2017 family
Do you remember when I made the announcement that the Mitsubishi Outlander was the car for me? Back in 2016 I told you that if I were buying a new automobile, I would buy a Mitsubishi Outlander. It’s now a whole year later and it still rings true. In fact, I’m even more certain about it now than I was back then.

It started with the love of the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and then that love was eclipsed by the Mitsubishi Outlander. I admit I got sold on all the luxuries of the bigger CUV size, but also on the adaptability of the third row seating that is perfect for our on-the-go lifestyle.

Mitsubishi Outlander 2017 beautiful day for a driveHere’s what we love about the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander:

~Mama Likes~

A cabin for conversation – As practical as they are sometimes, I really don’t like SUVs. I hate how huge SUVs feel when you’re trying to have a conversation and I really dislike all the road noise. Mitsubishi gets how important a quiet cabin is, and I absolutely love how quiet the Outlander is – at least before you add all your little passengers. It may not be the silence of a compact sedan, but as far as conversation goes, it feels like it.

Keyless entry and ignition – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Keyless is awesome! I love leaving my keys safely in my purse, especially since I never have my hands free. If you’re more of a key in the pocket type and find you need to take the key out, you will love the small nook that holds the Mitsubishi Outlander key in the console so you don’t have to take up a cup holder. Especially since the car will beep and remind you to take the key with you from the holder.Rear door in Outlander 2017Just the right size – I really like the mid-level height for getting in and out of as well as for loading kids and gear into, but I really don’t want to drive a huge truck or SUV. It’s this reason that I love the idea of a CUV {compact utility vehicle} that is big without being unmanageable in a parking lot or on narrow roads and can still hold all of our gear. The Outlander somehow feels big and small at the same time, in all the right ways. While driving around it never feels too big or cumbersome on the road, but inside it is nice and roomy for everyone.

3rd row within seconds – Speaking of hauling stuff, with three kiddos and one husband, we’ve officially maxed out our compact sedan we normally drive. This isn’t a problem most of the time but there have been quite a few times when having the option of having even one or two people ride with us would have been amazing. The 2017 Outlander is the only vehicle in its class to offer seating for seven passengers standard, so you have the option of having a third row anytime you want without feeling like you’re driving a bus the rest of the time.  And since the second row slides forward and adjusts the recline angle, you can make sure the third row is big enough for whatever passengers need to fit. Outlander 2017 rear seatBack up camera – As I’m learning a new car I especially love added cameras and I really appreciated the wide-angle backup camera on the Outlander that made it even easier to navigate out of tight parking spots or when backing up, which makes it even more city-friendly. And on the higher trim levels they even offer the amazing multi-view camera system that gives you a 360 degree birds eye view.

A place for everything – I love the large cabin storage console, and the little recessed cubbies along the sides of the cargo space that are perfect for a small purse, baby essentials, or camera gear to keep it from rolling around as we drive.  And, I love that there is a spot for all the many, many beverages our little family requires. It’s the small things that make or break a vehicle, and this is a small thing that is anything but.

All the luxuries – We’re talking heated leather seats, dual-zone climate control and some crazy sorcery that de-ices windshield wipers. I know, right?  Outlander 2017 cabin

~Daddy-O Likes~

Hubby must have said how much the Outlander felt like a station wagon a half a dozen times during our test drive whenever someone would ask how we liked it, and for him that’s high praise. He’s always wanted to convince me that a station wagon was the way to go for us, and he couldn’t be happier about my love of the Outlander that gets him the station wagon feel but the extra height I love. Plus, look at all the stuff it can haul. Outlander 2017 luggageRocking stereo – Much like the stereo in the Outlander Sport, the Outlander’s 710w Rockford Fosgate Premium sound system is just awesome. We love that the audio controls really let you dial in the sound just how you like it and the nine speakers give you a nice full sound. Since my husband drives so much, all these details are a huge deal to him.

Safety – We can all agree safety is paramount, right? That’s why hubby especially loved the Outlander’s many safety features like the Super All-Wheel Control {S-AWC} that handled like a dream in snow covered mountain passes, blind spot warning, hill start assist, and the cross-traffic warning that can keep you safe even from unseen dangers as you back up. Outlander 2017 TimberlineEco mode – Who doesn’t want to save money on gas? With Eco mode the Outlander helps you drive more efficiently by tempering initial throttle response on acceleration as well as fine tuning the air conditioner and engine for maximum efficiency. Plus on S-AWC models, it keeps the Outlander in 2WD until AWD is needed. This kind of savings is the best kind because it happens behind the scenes the whole time you own the car which makes it even more affordable to drive.

Price – Speaking of affordable, the Outlander is crazy affordable. After a couple days of driving Hubby finally got around to asking “How much is this thing, anyway?” The answer was a few thousand less than he expected. With a starting price of $23,495, it’s no surprise that the Outlander was named to the “10 Most Affordable 3-Row Vehicles” List by Kelley Blue Book’s 2 years in a row. Our well-loaded test model came in at around $30,800 but we both agreed the lower trim level had an amazing amount of features, which is probably what we would go with if we were buying one.

Handling – I was shocked our first time trying to maneuver a tight parking lot when I realized how tight the turning radius is. I guess I was still thinking big huge SUV, but the Outlander turned much sharper than I expected and more like a car. This also translates to the open road of course, where the Outlander takes very little time to really learn the car and how it handles. Mitsubishi Outlander 2017 driveApple Car Play and Android Auto – This is a huge bonus for hubby, a devoted Apple user. He’s been saying for years how it would be awesome if in-car navigation and entertainment mirrored the apps that were already on your phone, and he’s finally got it in the Mitsubishi Outlander.

~Kiddos Like~

Good visibility – Both kiddos loved being up higher so they could see out the windows on our journeys. Of course, they also loved opening and closing those windows whenever we weren’t on the freeway. Thank goodness there’s a parent lock for that.

In-dash navigation entertainment – I love that the kids think something as basic as the map and navigation screen in a vehicle is exciting. On our trip we were navigating new towns and exploring on our own, so the kids loved being able to watch our movements on the map as we drove and be able to suggest ideas. With the integration of Apple Car Play, the map has gotten even better than the Mitsubishi map option, and they love that the phone mirrors the monitor as we drive. Outlander 2017 back seat driver sideBigger is better – Our little passengers love the extra space the Outlander provided for seating as well as storing all their “must-haves”, water bottles, and miscellaneous toys, and they were especially excited when we were able to accommodate extra passengers, which is something we’re almost never able to do. Even while packing for a vacation that included puffy snow gear for 5, 4 sets of snowshoes, swimming accessories, a stroller, and a huge amount of luggage for the whole family, the Outlander handled it all. Mistubishi Outlander third rowAs you can see, there’s a whole lot to love about the Mitsubishi Outlander. While right now we don’t have any solid plans to buy the Outlander, I will admit this is the first vehicle I’ve thought about seriously since back in 2004 when I bought my current car. At this point we’re not in the market for a vehicle, but this would be something we would consider if we decided to upgrade.

That being said, I would definitely recommend it to friends or family looking for a CUV, in fact, I have recommended it already and will continue to. It’s a good little vehicle with lots of room inside, a compact footprint, and it can go anywhere and do just about anything that most people will realistically ever need a sport utility vehicle to do.

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