The best snow ice cream recipe

Kids with snow ice creamOn our last snow day, we experimented a bit to find the best snow ice cream recipe anywhere. With only a few ingredients and almost no time to mix up, it's a perfect snow day activity for kids. Snow ice cream baby
Here's what you need:

Snow ice creamWhen it begins to snow, place a bowl outside to catch the snow as it falls. The bowl should hold approximately 8 cups so it can fit 6 cups of snow and have room to mix. When the bowl is full, mix in sugar and vanilla and then slowly add milk until it is the desired consistency. Snow ice cream in bowlWe found that we prefer for the finished ice cream to be more like crumbles than traditional ice cream because it packs down when you scoop it into bowls or cones. If you add too much milk, the ice cream will melt incredibly fast, especially if you eat it indoors. For this reason, we like to eat it outside while enjoying a little snow. Snow ice cream mixedThe result is creamy and delicious, but not too drippy that you're ending up a sticky mess. Just look at these happy kiddos enjoying their snow day with homemade ice cream in minutes. Kids with snow ice cream cones
Snow ice cream cone

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  1. I will have to try your recipe. Ever since I was a kid we would just pour homemade maple syrup on our snow to make our “ice cream.”

  2. I like that yoiu specify clean snow. If you don’t have access to clean snow, just make chocolate. The added dirt would make it organic.


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