Preserving memories made easy with Hammacher Schlemmer’s Photo Album Scanner

Hammacher Photo Scanner BoxSponsored postEvery time I visit with my mom, I am given a stack of photo albums my mom has unearthed with the instruction to scan our old family images to share with my siblings. The problem is, I never have my computer with me, let alone my scanner/copier. So, I end up either taking the whole album with me in order to pull it apart to scan, or we take the album apart and I end up leaving with sandwich baggies full of pictures, some of which are ruined during the removal process. Obviously, neither of these methods is ideal.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could scan those old pictures while you're taking a walk down memory lane? Imagine flipping through an old photo album, finding a priceless gem, and then scanning it to save it electronically – all without ever taking it out of the photo album. Dream no more, because Hammacher Schlemmer has made it not only possible, but also a ton of fun. Hammacher Photo Scanner accessoriesTheir new Rapid Photo Album Scanner that is exclusive to Hammacher Schlemmer does just what I've always dreamed of and converts all those old photographs into digital images in just seconds,allowing you to reminisce and relive old memories while saving them easily for future use.

You can also scan magazines, books, small art projects, basically any image or art piece that is 4×6 or smaller. Even glossy pages, ones protected by plastic sleeves, or those behind glass scan easily, without having to unwrap, dismantle, or remove.Hammacher photo scanner 2If you've ever scanned anything, ever, you're probably wondering how this would possibly work with glare through glass and plastic. And, while typically scanning through these mediums would be a disaster, the Hammacher Schlemmer Photo Album Scanner has anti-light reflection technology that doesn't leave a glare on your scanned images. I scanned a bunch of glossy magazines successfully, including the Hammacher holiday catalog to see how it worked and I was super impressed with the results.

To scan, you simply remove the base cap and rest the scanner on the album page on any image. The image will then show on the built-in 2.4" TFT color LCD screen so you can adjust placement if necessary. Once it is set, you just press OK and the 14MP CMOS sensor then scans the photo in as a 700dpi JPEG, which can be saved to SD card or imported to a computer with the included USB cable.Hammacher photo scanner screenBut, wait, that's not all! The Rapid Photo Album Scanner also converts slide and color or black & white 135 {35mm} film negatives into 3200 dpi digital images with the included film trays. Brightness of your film or photo scan is set automatically, but you can adjust exposure for specific images if you need to by pressing the EV/Delete button and then pressing the up or down buttons.
Hammacher Photo Scanner 3I know many of you fell in love with the Portable Negative Scanner from Hammacher Schlemmer that I posted about last year, so I know you're going to love this new model that also has the same film/slide scanning capabilities combined with a photo scanner.

This means you could make short work of your memory box, your photo album, or your scrapbook by scanning all of your photos and negatives in one little device, all without potentially ruining the pieces you are trying to protect. Now I can just bring this one unit with me when I visit my mom's house, my grandma's, or anywhere else I might run into a vintage gem I want to preserve and share and everyone is excited to see me walk in with it, because it means all of our old memories will soon be available to everyone.

Are you ready to buy? Visit Hammacher Schlemmer and order your Photo Album Scanner today to have it rushed to you before Christmas. Whether you are gifting it to a lucky recipient, or your gift is bringing this little device to digitize your family's memories while visiting for the holidays, whatever you decide it will definitely be appreciated!

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