Imaginations At Play with bright and beautiful MiO toys {DIY schoolhouse}

Sponsored postIt’s a rare toy that all of my kids play with together, so when I find one it’s a very happy day. Such was the case when I found the new MiO line from The Manhattan Toy Company. With chunky pieces that my littlest one loves, open-ended building pieces that my son adores, and the fact that it fits my oldest’s love of miniatures, this is the perfect family toy for my crew. Mio boxesBut, it’s not just my family who is smitten with the MiO line, it seems like everyone is going crazy for these cute and modern toys that appeal to kids of all ages. Yes, they are technically intended for the preschool crowd, but don’t tell my kids and their friends that.
But can you blame them? Even I want to play with all the different sets and see all the ways I can design a MiO world. Mio funThe world of MiO consists of beautiful modular wood building pieces that you can configure and redesign as often as you’d like as well as MiO people made of hand painted wood heads and beanbag bodies. The collection is designed to nest and store compactly so you can keep your MiO accessories and pieces together for play at home and away.

Mio to goAdmittedly, it’s the MiO people that initially drew me in, as my little one has taken after her older siblings and is enthralled with all things that are the wrong size. But, because of her age and lack of dexterity, she can’t handle the miniature people that come with traditional dollhouses. The MiO people and animals, however, are very different with their soft beanbag bodies that stay just where you set them without having to manipulate limbs and defy gravity. Mio with little oneOh, and did I mention they were adorable? Because they are so incredibly adorable. How could you not fall in love with these sweet faces?Mio PeopleEach MiO set is focused on an everyday activity – eating, sleeping, working, and driving – and all sets work together to create a MiO world for your children to imagine over and over again. Mio houseTheir natural wood look is paired with bright colored interiors that really pop. It’s not hard to imagine them housing a fun-filled office of people and animals, a loving and tight-knit family, or becoming a corner store, a deli, a library, or anything else your little one dreams up. Mio school bus 2With my middle child starting school in the fall, these days we’re dreaming and imagining what school will be like. How fitting that MiO also makes a school bus, because our Sleeping house quickly became a schoolhouse, complete with DIY blackboard, fun pendant banner, and colorful accents with washi tape. Mio StudentsThe banner was easy to make with a 12in piece of twine, different colors of washi tape, and a pair of scissors. Simply fold washi tape over the string and cut into triangles {or you can leave in squares if you prefer that look}, and then tape it up to decorate your MiO home. Mio BannerAdd other washi tape accents to really personalize your MiO set and make your house, or schoolhouse, your own.  Mio WelcomeThis schoolhouse has been such a hit, but when the kids get sick of it we can easily make it into whatever they want. Maybe a movie theater, a dentist, or an art studio? That's what makes open-ended toys so amazing – your only limits are your imagination! Mio SchoolYou can find the whole line of MiO playsets including the Sleeping set, the school bus set, and this awesome Playing Eating Sleeping Working MiO mega set that includes everything you need for hours and hours of play at or at retailers nationwide. Seriously, how awesome is this set? Playing Eating Sleeping Working MiO

Want to know more about the new MiO collection? Be sure to follow Manhattan Toy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Mio sleeping people

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