Staying healthy and eating well on-the-go with protein at Walmart

Acorn DisclosureWe all want to be healthy and have energy for the things we love, but sometimes that can seem really difficult with our busy lifestyles where we are always on the go. I eat really healthy when I’m at home, but all it takes is ending up on the go all day and I struggle with what to eat. Do you cave and go through a drive thru or do you just go without until you can sit down and eat healthier?

I’m learning that a little planning ahead can eliminate this struggle by giving you great tasting food that fits within your health goals. One quick stop at Walmart and you can walk out with the tools you need: Purely Inspired® protein powder and Mission1™ bars that provide you with organic, clean, protein. Protein snacksEating clean and organic has never been easier, and now I won’t have to cave and eat junk on the road for convenience sake. Keeping these bars or protein powder on hand allows me to stay on track and eat well while we’re staying active. So now for those times when the doctor’s appointment runs through lunch or horrendous traffic means I will be late for dinner, I can have a delicious protein bar or shake. Eating well on the go

I bet you’re wondering how carrying around protein powder is practical at all, right? That’s why I utilize a snack container with compartments that is traditionally used for baby formula or baby cereal. You can buy these at baby stores and even some dollar stores and then fill with pre-measured protein powder ready for mixing. And, because the Purely Inspired® organic protein powder can be mixed with water and doesn’t require milk, all I need to do is keep a bottle of water on hand for mixing.  Purely Inspired Organic Protein in containerThat means I can have a protein shake while hitting the trail, while commuting, or while walking the kids to and from school. Even at my busiest I won't have to skip breakfast when it's so easy to prepare and bring with you. Protein shakeThe Purely Inspired® protein powder is the one truly organic USDA approved plant-based protein powder and it has no artificial colors or flavoring. You can purchase either French Vanilla or Chocolate 1.5lb tubs at Walmart for $19.97. Purely Inspired Organic ProteinNot sure if you love protein shakes? If so, you will adore Purely Inspired® protein powder that is super diverse and can be used to make a traditional shake or you can get creative with a new recipe and add fruits and veggies for an even more nutrition-dense smoothie. Still not sure protein powder is for you? What if I told you that you can even use it to bake protein brownies/muffins, make pudding, or add it into meals to get the protein you need? I’m always looking for more ways to get protein, so I love this recipe from Purely Inspired that incorporates French Vanilla, coffee, and chia. Pi-jesse-lane-wellness-cappuccino-chia-pudding-2zuqraw7fem5co8cqnvym8For the days that you will be trekking up trails or packing light, you will love the Mission1™ protein bars that you can slip into your pocket or pack and eat well on the go with no mixing required. Mission1 bar in pocketI hate the idea of eating surgary bars with a few grams of protein that always leave me feeling hungry, so I love that the Mission1™ protein bars are clean and organic with no artificial ingredients while delivering a whopping 20-21 g of Isolate protein to keep me feeling full. Mission 1 clean protein barChoose from Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, or Chocolate Brownie in individual bars for $1.84 or buy a 4pk of each of them for $6.94 and keep an assortment in your trunk, in your purse or pack, and in your pantry. Mission1 protein bar on the trailWith two different ways to integrate protein, the Purely Inspired® protein powder and Mission1™ protein bars provide you will all the fuel you need for all of your adventures. Stop into a Walmart near you or order some these bars or protein powder online and never feel the struggle of eating well on the go again.
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