The perfect gift for the artist on your list: Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers

Sponsored postHave you ever gotten a beautiful piece of art made with markers that you loved so much that you framed it and hung it up? Were you surprised when only months later the colors faded to almost nothing and it looked like it was decades old?

Whenever the kids draw or write me something that just makes me melt, I have to weigh whether I want to display it which ultimately ends up ruining it quickly with light exposure, or if I want to hide it away in their special box where it will just slowly fade away. Honestly, neither option is okay with me.Winsor and Newton pigment pens artworkThe sentimental side of me wants to hide everything away and hope that it survives, but the mom in me wants my kids to grow up in a house where art is encouraged. That means that beautiful pieces need to be celebrated by putting them where they can be seen and enjoyed..

That’s where Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers come in. Rarely do I use the word “revolutionary” to describe markers, but that was before I heard about Winsor & Newton, the world’s first pigment-based, lightfast markers.

Winsor and Newton Pigment MarkersThe new Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker is made from pure pigment which has an amazing brilliance to it that you have to see to appreciate. As awesome as that is, my favorite thing about them is that they are lightfast for a lifetime {or 100 years}, which means I don’t have to hide away special works of art in order to “save” them.Winsor and Newton Pigment Marker in boxBeyond the vibrant colors and the archival quality, I also love that these sets include one of my favorite art tools of all time: the industry-changing white-blender marker. The white-blender marker uses white titanium dioxide pigments to make for awesome color blending much more like paints than pens. Winsor and Newton pigment markerBut, the absolute best thing about these markers is that they are something my daughter and I are both excited about using together. I want to have these memories of us creating and appreciating art side by side, and the best way to do that is to get super cool art supplies that you can't wait to use. Winsor and Newton pigment markers drawing
Yes, it's true that these markers cost more than the standard marking pens, but they are so worth it. Even just upon first glance, it is clear that these markers are undeniably special. They look nothing like the markers I’m used to with a basic tube-shaped design; the Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers have a flowing shape which I think fits well with how versatile and fun they are. This flowing design isn’t just about aesthetics, the shape gives it a comfortable grip with its dual-tips {fine point and flexible brush nib} for awesome detailing and broad lines. Winsor and Newton coloringWith 107 brilliant colors and extensive grey scale as well as the white blender, it gives you the ability to create just about any color imaginable since you can soften shades and add highlights and effects – even on black and colored paper.

Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers are an ideal medium for artists of any age, and definitely a wow gift for anyone that loves and appreciates making and displaying art pieces. You can buy the markers in sets of 6 that interlock together to create a larger set, or you can buy a 12 or 24 piece starter set. Winsor Newton markersYou can find all sorts of awesome art supplies on the Winsor & Newton website. Be sure to follow @WinsorAndNewton on Twitter for inspiration and more.

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  1. These are really nice markers that my son would love to use to do his drawings with. The colors are amazing. I will have to check into getting these.


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