Pocket-sized ZINK Zero-Ink photo printing with the Polaroid ZIP

Polaroid Zip pocket printerOh teenagers these days. They just don’t even understand how good they have it with their smartphones and digital world. Do they even know what it was like waiting for our film to come back all those years ago? I’m guessing probably not.

But, while the teens of today take thousands of pictures, selfies, shots of shoes on sidewalks, and photos of creatively arranged food, they also don’t know what they are missing out on. They are missing out on the joy that comes from having an actual photograph of good times shared with family and friends.

Granted, they might own picture frames, but you certainly won’t find many that have been updated this decade with new pictures. In this an era of instant digital photos hidden away on smartphones, teenagers these days don’t have anything tangible that they can hang up and make them smile every time they see it.

What they need is an introduction to Polaroid. No, not the Polaroid film cameras of my youth, the Polaroid ZIP Instant Photoprinter is the newest technology – a pocket-sized photo printer that makes inkless prints utilizing your smartphone pictures.

Polaroid Zip

Say what?

Now you can print anywhere with the Polaroid ZIP Instant Photoprinter. This pocket-sized device pairs wirelessly to any smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.0 or NFC and uses a dedicated mobile app available for iOS or Android. Once you download the app you can instantly edit and print 2×3” photos on the go in less than a minute.Polaroid Zip Zink printsBut, it gets cooler. It has magic ink. The ZINK® Zero-Ink® Printing Technology produces photo-quality, full-color prints without using ink cartridges, ribbons, or toner. That’s why they say “No Ink. No Hassles™”

The ZINK® Zero Ink® Paper 2"x3" is smudge-proof and has an optional peel and stick back for extra fun. It is also water-resistant and tear-resistant, which means you can stick them just about anywhere. Polaroid Zip printerThe Polaroid ZIP Instant Photoprinter is a compact 2.91" x 4.72” and weighs only .41lbs. You could truly put this in your purse {which I have done multiple times}, take it with you to an event so multiple people can print, or use it for school projects, and more. Polaroid Zip Printer in handIf you have a photography-loving tween, teen, or a kid-at-heart on your list this year, you can bet they would love a Zero-Ink printer that fits in their pocket that they can use on the go. The uses are endless and fun-filled.

Find out more at Polaroid.com or see more about ZINK® Zero-Ink® Printing Technology

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  1. That’s a neat invention. I didn’t know they made this kind of thing. Having grown up with the old fashioned Polaroid this is a great improvement for today’s world.
    slehan at juno dot com

  2. I want one of these so bad! I had a thermal handheld printer (much bigger than this) back in the day, but it was nowhere near this cool, and the images only lasted a little while before the disappeared. This is much cooler!


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