Stress less with the 3-in-1 6.5qt Multicooker from Black + Decker

Sponsored postAre you in charge of bringing dishes to the potluck and you're trying to figure out how to keep your dish warm throughout the event? Or maybe you struggle with weeknight meal planning this time of year as you are running from event to event?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, I have the perfect solution for you: the 3-in-1 6.5 quart Multicooker from Black + Decker Black and Decker multicooker with lid onIf you're thinking this looks a whole lot like a slow cooker, you are technically correct. But, trust me when I say that this is so much more than the traditional slow cooker. Because it is a roaster, a baker, and a searing and sautéing machine all in one, it makes this an amazing cooking tool for quick and easy dinners without having multiple pots and pans to clean up afterwards.

By now you know my nickname of One Pan Leanne and how much I despise excess dishes, but I never thought a multicooker would be a solution to my problem. But, with being able to sear and sauté then slow cook and reheat in the same appliance, I can finally live up to my nickname. Whether we’re talking large roasts, pasta meals, or pulled pork sandwiches, cooking just about everything is easier with the Black + Decker Multicooker. Plus, the removable cooking pot is dishwasher safe so it makes cleanup as simple as possible! Black and Decker multicooker descriptionWith all the options for cooking, you could literally use it every day for just about all your favorite meals. That means you could potentially never have to heat up your oven or deal with 2-3 pans to wash after every meal, while still making hands-off delicious and hearty meals for your family. Then, when heading to holiday events, it becomes a portable stovetop/oven/warming dish that will be the envy of the buffet line.

Basically, it’s my new favorite kitchen appliance, and for some very good reasons.

The first is the size of the cooking pot, which is larger than any other Multicooker I've ever seen. And, not only is it bigger, the rectangle design means that you can fit in the cooking pot, which means you can cook for even big groups. Black and Decker MulticookerAs I said, you can sear and sauté right in the bottom of the pot before slow cooking. The first time I made a roast in my old traditional slow cooker, I balked at the idea of searing the meat in a separate pan before cooking and instead I opted to just throw it all in and hit "cook". The result was edible, but very unattractive, very bland, and I wouldn't recommend it. So, even though I hated it, I always seared the meat after that and just dealt with the extra dishes. Black and Decker Multicooker potBut, never again now that I have the 3-in-1 Multicooker that lets me actually follow the recipe and end up with the moist and tender slow cooked meals that the family devours, without all the cleanup. My favorite use for the searing function is actually for taco meat, which sounds crazy, but it's super practical to do taco meat in a Multicooker if you will have people eating throughout the day and want to keep things warm. Plus, it's incredibly delicious. Trust me and just try it.

As much as I love less dishes and more efficient cooking, the thing I love the most about the Black + Decker 3-in-1 Multicooker is that there are so many options for cooking. My old slow cooker had exactly two buttons – one for low and one for high heat. The Multicooker has 6 settings for different types of cooking as well as a temperature dial for roasting and baking. Use high heat for searing meats and sautéing vegetables, use traditional slow cooking functionality for soups and roasts, or use a combination of both for more complicated dishes. How cool is that? Black and Decker multicooker controlsFeatures of the Black+Decker 3-in-1 Multicooker:

  • Variable Temperature
  • Sear/Sauté Function
  • Roast and Bake Function
  • Slow Cook Functionality
  • Removable Cooking Pot
  • Steel Handles

Want to find out more about the Black + Decker 6.5qt Multicooker and see all the awesome features? Click on over to the Black + Decker site to see everything this cooker can do and how to purchase it. At $129.99, this is the perfect holiday gift for the family hostess or for yourself! Get ready for all the holiday baking and cooking with one single unit and stress less about what to cook and what to bring now that this little Multicooker can do it all for you.

Click below to see or entire gift guide for adults, or click here to see our gift guide for kids this holiday season! HGG Black and Decker

Leanne SignatureA big thank you to Black+Decker for sending the 6.5qt Multicooker for us to adore. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

4 thoughts on “Stress less with the 3-in-1 6.5qt Multicooker from Black + Decker”

  1. This is a really awesome small kitchen appliance. There are so many ways I could use this multi-cooker. I love that it has a removable cooking pot like a slow cooker.

  2. This looks like such an awesome tool! I love my slow cooker from Shori Superstore. It’s functional and polka dotted! Two of my favorite things! After reading your article, I definitely need to check out this multi-cooker! Thank you so much for the tip. I work full time and blog during my off hours, so if my meals are not made in a slow cooker then I’m not making anything for dinner.

    • Well this is almost 7 years later so I don’t know if my reply is going to matter much to you, lol, had just come across this site and happened to read your question. As it shows on the appliance on the right hand side the knob for variable temperature is for roast/bake so I doubt that the sear/saute has variable temperature.


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