All the reasons why I love Smith Brothers Farms and why you will, too {$10 off for new customers}

Sponsored postDo you live in the Puget Sound area? If so, you’re probably very familiar with the Smith Brothers Farms insulated milk boxes that sit on many of your neighbors’ front porches.  Smith Brothers Farms delivery in box openHaving been a customer of Smith Brothers Farms for almost 5 years, we’ve been asked about the service more times than I can count, and I always say the same thing: going with Smith Brothers Farms was the best thing ever for my family. Smith Brothers Farms deliveryWhy do I love Smith Brothers Farms so much? Here are just a few of the reasons why I will never go back to store-bought milk:

Convenience. What could be better than saving a trip to the store? When my daughter was little I used to commute to and from work with her and it felt like every single time I had an errand to run, she would fall asleep. I remember wishing my hardest that there was a drive thru option for picking up the perishable items like milk, butter, and eggs that we needed to pick up each week and I was thrilled when I realized Smith Brothers was actually better than a drive thru because it was delivered right to my door, no errand required.

No rBST. Before we made the switch to Smith Brothers, I was paying a premium for organic milk that came from cows not treated with the artificial {recombinant} growth hormones rBST in it. When I realized that none of the Smith Brothers Farm products contained rBST, it made them actually cheaper than what I was paying previously. Smith Brothers Farms MilkSaving money by not shopping. I swear every time I walk into a store it's at least $40, even if all I ran in for was a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread. I tend to be really frugal, but without fail, I will remember something else I could use, find a small splurge or two, and usually be talked into something from my very eager kiddos who love shopping, which all adds up. By ordering on-line, you can sit down and plan out your order for the week with everything you need, no impulse purchases and no having to drag the kids around the store while turning down all their special requests.

Variety. Did you know that Smith Brothers Farms is about more than milk? With well over 100 food products from dairy products to bakery items and even free range turkeys, Smith Brothers Farms can truly save you a trip to the grocery store most weeks. Recently they have added a dozen new products like Beecher's Cheese and Alki Bakery cookies to their products they deliver, and I love that I can now get even more local favorites delivered to me through Smith Brothers Farms. Smith Brothers Farms delivery in boxAmazing customer service. If an issue were to arise with any of their products, deliveries, or billing, Smith Brothers has the best customer service team. You won’t sit on hold forever, a real, live human will answer the phone and will fix it for you right there without having to consult a manager. It’s a very cool thing. In the years we’ve been customers, we've only had two minor issues and their customer service handled it immediately, which makes me a very happy customer. Smith Brothers Farms Alki BakeryFresher than fresh. Their milk comes straight from the cows to your home in just 24-48 hours, unlike the stuff in grocery stores that takes days or even weeks to reach you. Smith Brothers Farms pasteurizes and packages the milk daily, using the most rigorous methods to test for freshness and quality at every step along the way. And, since all of their milk is sourced from the highest quality Washington dairy farms who adhere to strict standards for land use, animal care, and product freshness and quality, you can feel good about the milk you are drinking.  Us Smith Brothers Farms

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Free delivery. Yes, FREE. If you have a $10 minimum order, it will be delivered to you free of charge. If you place a smaller order, a nominal $1.29 delivery fee will be added. Even the delivery fee is totally worth it. Milkman-day3No contract or membership fee, ever. This was the biggest worry I had when looking into the service and I kept thinking there had to be a “catch”. I still haven’t found a “catch” and I’ve been a loyal customer for years. Smith Brothers Farms dairyOrder without even thinking about it. I rarely sit around thinking about our milk levels, so by creating a standing order I can get the essentials delivered right to my home automatically. If I want to add a special treat for a holiday, birthday, or special occasion, it’s easy to log in and change quantities right there on the website. On the same token, if I will be gone or I don’t need an order, skipping a delivery is as easy as logging in and checking a box. Normal deliveries will resume the following week after the vacation or skipped delivery and I can concentrate on other things, like whether or not we need to head to the Farmer’s Market. Smith Brothers Farms Cold Brew ChocolateFrom family to family. Smith Brothers Farms has been a family-owned business for 95 years. I love knowing that our money is going to a local farm and supporting local families. Our delivery area is handled by a father and son team, and they are wonderful. I actually feel like they care about their customers and the quality of their food. They have taken every opportunity to show us that we aren't just another house on their route with holiday cards, and most importantly, a smile and a wave with each delivery. Smith Brothers Farms ornamentAnd, finally, it’s super fun to get a delivery. On the rare occasions we have happened to see the milk ninja that delivers our food each week, it has been the highlight of the morning. But, even if we miss our driver, every time we open the milk box is like opening a little present. A present that lets me and my family eat well while crossing one more errand off my list.

Have I convinced you to give Smith Brothers Farms a try? Good. Trust me, you will not want to go back. I can't even tell you how happy I am with the service, the products, and the company. It's rare these days that every review of a company is not only positive, but… glowing. That is definitely the case with Smith Brothers Farms – just go ahead and ask your neighbor. I'm sure he loves it as much as I do.

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You can find out more about delivery specifics, delivery days, prices and more at Be sure to follow them at @SmithBrosFarms

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  1. I vaguely recall my mom having that when we lived in Milwaukie or Eugene. Not sure if it was Smith Bros., but the convenience and the fresh products were awesome. Wish we had them in NC but at least we finally have Tillamook cheese here.


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