Keep an eye on what matters most with the Samsung SmartCam HD

Sponsored postDo you ever wish you could see inside your home when you’re not in it? Or maybe you wish you could see upstairs in your house while hanging out downstairs? If so, you should definitely check out Samsung’s newest smart home solution, the SmartCam HD Pro.

Designed for the security conscious as well as those who need to check on kids, pets, businesses, or deliveries from afar, the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro is as versatile as they get. A 1080p Full HD camera that can be linked to your smartphone wirelessly through the Samsung app, the SmartCam allows you to see everything in striking clarity, remotely. Keep an eye on what matters most with Samsung

As the mom of three small kids, nothing is more frightening than long periods of silence, so it was decided that this camera would go up in baby’s room to give me peace of mind. It will help me keep an eye on baby in her crib as well as keep out the riffraff {the older children who cannot get enough of their baby sister}. The SmartCam HD is small enough that it will easily fit on the table in the nursery, and it has numerous features built into it that are perfect for monitoring baby, like the ultra-wide viewing angles that allow me to see almost the whole room at once with no blind spots.

Setting it up was as simple as plugging it in and downloading the app to walk you through step by step. After setting up an account and password, I then moved on to customizing the camera for my use. I started by playing around and zooming in on the image to see detail clearer, then I decided what resolution I wanted to view the feed in, marveled over the day and night vision, and then checked out all the alerts I could choose from.

From motion alerts to where I wanted to store images and videos, there were lots of ways to get the most out of the camera. Since the camera will be used in the baby’s room, my needs ranged from live streaming to keep an eye on things to messages sent to my phone so I can be alerted to anything amiss even if I’m not actively watching, and I also added a memory card just in case.Samsung SmartCamAfter that, I went through the audio options where I found that I could also select and play lullabies. Next up was the two-way talk feature and recordings. I tried talking through the camera via the app so I could see how a conversation with baby would go over the SmartCam. It wasn’t as delayed as I thought it would be, but it did have a small pause. Not enough to make it difficult to talk, but it might be more awkward for lengthy interactions.

Luckily, we aren’t using the system as walkie-talkies with video capabilities, the two-way talk feature is just an awesome and efficient way to convey quick information, such as the fact that it’s the middle of the night and no one wants to play right now.

I then set up specific voice recordings that allow me to soothe baby remotely as well as gently remind her it’s time for sleep, it’s clean up time, and to come downstairs. I may not use them very frequently in the baby stage, but I’m not new at this – I know the day will come sooner than I’d like and I’m going to love that it’s as easy as pressing a button to get her a message. Samsung screen printOverall, I love the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro for the ease of checking on baby as she sleeps, and I love that it will grow with our needs in the next few months. It’s such a cool feeling to know that the kids are supervised while still letting them play independent of me, and it makes for a much happier household.

Whether you are in the baby stage, the toddler years, or simply need to keep an eye on the playroom, the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro makes it simpler than ever to monitor remotely. Because you can view your SmartCam through your phone or your laptop/computer, as well as get motion and audio alerts, it means that you can be as attentive or give as much freedom as you would like.

Then, when the kids have earned our trust and can be left alone for chunks of time, we can repurpose the Samsung SmartCam for house surveillance and be able to keep an eye on the house even when we’re away. At that time, we will set up Motion Zone Select so we can set specific areas in the camera’s field of vision to detect motion and get alerts whenever movement is detected. I will at that point add multiple cameras to the system so I can effectively cover the entire main areas of the house and be able to see as much of the house as possible.
• 1080P Full HD Live Streaming
• Wide Angle Lens – 128 degrees
• SDXC Memory Card Slot-Up to 64 GB
• True Day/Night with IR Cut Filter
• Night Vision Up to 16ft
• Samsung Light Enhancer technology
• 1/2.8” CMOS Sensor for Enhanced Video Quality
• Dual Band 2.4 & 5.0 Ghz
• Multiple Stream Capable
• Open Platform Development
• Super Bandwidth Utilization
• RJ-45 for Ethernet Connection
• H.264 Compression, JPEG Dual Stream

You can find out more about this amazing camera here, as well as learn where to buy.

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