10 insider tips for Beaches Resort Villages & Spa Turks & Caicos with small children

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Sponsored postAfter visiting Beaches Turks & Caicos two years in a row with little kids, we like to consider ourselves experts of sorts. The first year we were just figuring out the ropes and crossing our fingers that we fit everything in that we were hoping to do, but this second year, we went in with a plan of attack and made it happen. FDSC00893While I could go on and on about all the things you can see and do with kids at Beaches Turks & Caicos, this list is just a starting point.

Here are just some of our tips for how to make the most of the trip with young kids:

1)    Sign up for the Kids Camp when you first get there. Since the signup process has paperwork, it’s best to just do it right away so you can drop off at any time as needed. Make note of the times the daycare and camp are closed so you don’t accidentally plan something in that window. If you do need child care after hours, there are nannies available that have a per hour charge. Bonus: chances are that your kiddos will love it at the camp as much as mine did, and if so, you might just end up with some extra grown up time for you to do more advanced water sports, work out, or visit the Red Lane Spa. Camp Sesame at Beaches2)    Some restaurants and services are only available on certain days, so if there is something special your little one is dying to do, you want to make sure you get to it. Art classes, train rides, parades and parties only happen certain days of the week and it’s best to plan ahead and schedule it so you don’t forget and then end up with an unhappy kiddo. Bonus: the Beaches staff is there to help. You can talk to the concierge upon arrival and give them your must-do list and they can help you come up with a schedule to fit it all in without stressing.

3)    The restaurants there don’t require reservations. With the exception of Kimonos, a Japanese-style grill restaurant, you can just walk into any restaurant during serving hours. If your kids want to eat at Kimonos {and they probably will – it’s really fun since it has lots of diner participation}, make your reservations early. There are certain foods that require advance planning, so be sure and check with the reservations desk if you have your heart set on lobster. Bonus: you can make these reservations right when you check in so it’s all handled ahead of time.

4)    The French Bakery will be your best friend. In addition to the best iced, frozen, and hot coffee at the resort, Café de Paris also has the most amazing dessert and snack selection that appeals to adults as well as kids. Bonus: if you want quick-grab breakfasts, head to the bakery and get yogurts, pastries, muffins, and cereals that you can take to go or eat in the café. Beaches French bakery  5)    All your favorite characters in one place. If your kids are Sesame Street fans, you will definitely want to sign up for the character breakfast. It’s the perfect spot to get one-on-one attention from all your favorite characters while leisurely eating. Bring your camera, because there are tons of photo ops you won’t want to miss. Bonus: every kid gets an awesome reusable cup with lid that contains a Sesame Street finger puppet.  DSC002176)    Food when you need it. Do your kids suddenly get hungry at night like mine do? It’s especially bad when we’re on West Coast time and to their stomachs it’s three hours behind. I can’t really blame them for thinking food when everyone else is thinking bed since bedtime at Turks & Caicos is technically dinner time at home. For those late night snacks, you will love Bobby Dee’s that is open until 6am that has self-serve pizza, cookies, muffins, and drinks as well as sit-down service where you can order off the menu. Cricketers is also a great option for late night dining and a great place to sit down and enjoy a cocktail or beer. Bonus: many restaurants will do takeout food {sushi at Soy is the main exception}, so you can pick up food for yourself at any of Beaches swankier joints while still dining with your chicken nugget eating kiddos. We enjoyed a lobster dinner from Sapodillas that was to die for during one of our late-night food runs with kiddos and it ended up being one of my favorite memories from the trip.

7)    Plan to pool-hop. Every pool at Beaches has its own unique style, from realistic-looking caves to decorative and fun fountains to large stairs to play on, and they will want to explore them all. Leave lots of extra time for Pirates Island, because the 45,000 square-foot waterpark is a kid favorite with water slides, sprinklers to run through, a lazy river, a pirate ship structure to play on and wade around, and the only surf simulator in the Caribbean. Bonus: most pools have swim-up bars where the kids can order slushies and juice while the adults enjoy a beverage or two. Beaches lazy river in waterpark8)    The Beach party held at Treasure Beach is a must-do. With live performances, buffet-style food where even the pickiest eater would be happy, and games and activities for the kids where they can win stuffed animals and other prizes, this is one of my kids’ favorite activities at the resort. Bonus: if your kids start to get bored at the party, you can take them down to the beach to play in the sand while still enjoying the action. Beaches family night9)    Take advantage of the free water sports. If your kids love the water, you will definitely want to schedule some water rentals. Even if your kiddo is too young to scuba dive, you can still introduce them to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean by snorkeling, sailing, or riding the Aqua Trike. Some activities have a minimum age and health requirement, so just check at the water sports counter and see what is available for children. Bonus: since everything is free, you won’t feel like you wasted your money if your kiddo doesn’t end up liking snorkeling, sailing, or wind surfing.

10)    Splurge on the Island Routes boat tour. This is one of the few things we pay for when we go to Beaches, and it’s worth every penny. The Kitty Katt tour is like a big party out in the ocean, and I think it’s impossible to not have an awesome time partying it up while cruising. The boat tour is the perfect opportunity to snorkel out by the coral reef, check out Iguana island where you can collect seashells and play in the sand, and to try out the water slide on the back of the boat. Bonus: the boat tour gives you lots of opportunities to show your kids the Turks and Caicos islands while not having the hassle of venturing off property {There are also tours that can take you into town if you are dying to check out Providenciales}. Beaches shellHave you been to Beaches Turks & Caicos before? What are your best tips to best enjoy the resort with young children?  10 Insider Tips for Beaches Turks and Caicos with small kids

Leanne SignatureI attended Social Media on the Sand at Beaches Resort Villages & Spa in Turks & Caicos at a reduced conference rate. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Did you happen to use the after hours private nanny service, we are booked in September and debating on using this maybe once or twice while hun
    Bs and I enjoy a candelight dinner

    • Treena, we didn’t use the after hours private nanny service, but I know a few who have and had great experiences. I’m back there in October and will likely try it then, but you will beat me there by a month! If you want me to check around and see who has tried it, let me know and I can ask them specific questions for you!


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