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Sponsored post Be ready for anything with RayovacWant to know what can ruin a productive day in mere seconds? The answer is the power going out. When I was a kid, the power going out was kind of fun. It was pretty rare of an occurrence, and I think that added to the excitement of home camping.

But, now that I'm an adult, the power going out is just one big pain after another, as well as being costly for someone that is under deadlines and who has a stocked fridge of food that will go bad without proper cooling.

Even though I like to think that we're prepped for most disasters, that does not mean that it’s fun going without modern conveniences, especially during my work week. And, once the sun goes down and your house is plunged into the kind of dark you almost never experience in a city where you literally cannot see a foot in front of you, the power outage gets old really quick.

So, when a fall storm knocked out our power nearly all day last week, I wasn't a happy blogger or mom. Ask anyone who has ever changed a diaper by candlelight and they will tell you how amazing electricity really is.

Thankfully, I was ready with this little Beast of a flashlight. Rayovac The Beast flashlight

No, really, that’s its name. Meet the Beast 2000 Flashlight from Rayovac, the perfect flashlight to get through any emergency, camping trip, or late night walk.

The box said it was “brighter than a car headlight” and after seeing it in action, I don’t doubt that it’s true. Using it walking around the house as well as any trips outside was really nice because it wasn’t too thick and bulky and it felt really good in my hand. It just feels like a quality flashlight, ready for anything.

But, where it really shines {see what I did there?} is using it indoors as a candle. Point the Beast at the ceiling and it illuminates the entire room so well that it almost feels like the lights are back on – it’s truly that bright. In fact, it tricked me so much that I kept forgetting the power was off and was doing silly things like plugging things in and flipping on and off light switches.

This is the Beast in absolute total darkness spreading light by bouncing off a wall. Pretty awesome, right? In a light colored room the effect is even more pronounced. The beast flashlight in total blacknessDo you need the perfect flashlight for emergencies? Get the Beast and help yourself forget that there isn’t any power. Or maybe you camp a lot and need a flashlight that is bright enough to see as well as you can with your car headlights. For you, I would recommend the Beast. Or maybe you walk a lot at night and you want a powerful and heavy weight flashlight that can withstand wear and tear as well as being a great self-defense tool. For you, the Beast is your best friend who can keep you safe and illuminate your path.

See a pattern here? Just get yourself the Beast 2000 Flashlight.

But, don’t wait until an emergency to assess how prepared you are. Pull out your kit now and make the upgrade to the Beast and stock your kit with some Rayovac batteries for the Beast as well as all of your other devices. 6a0105362badb1970b01bb07b62006970d-800wiFeatures and Benefits for the Beast 2000 RWP123A-B:
•    High performance LEDs with 2 modes: 2000 Lumens, (200 Energy Saver Mode)
•    Beam distance: 400 Meters, (100 Energy Saver Mode)
•    Battery Run time (alkaline batteries incl.): 2 Hours, (10 Energy Saver Mode)
•    Anodized Aluminum Barrel
•    Lifetime Warranty
•    (4) CR123A Rayovac lithium batteries included

Check out Rayovac's full line of outdoor lights for everyone on your list this year. Outdoor_FlashlightsWant to save some money while getting prepared? Check out these printable battery coupons that can help you save this holiday season on Rayovac's Facebook page.

Check out the full line of Rayovac products on the Rayovac website and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Prepare for anything with The Beast from Rayovac”

  1. I had the electricity out for 6 days and it was awful! We had some flashlights, but they were not that good. I am going to get the Beast flashlight from Rayovac! It looks like it works very good!

  2. We need to buy some good flashlights. We had a power outage over the weekend and it is not fun. The Beast looks like just what we need


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