Air Angel mobile germ-fighting air sanitizer and purifier

Sponsored postYou think about dust, allergens, and pollutants outside, but do you have any idea what quality your indoor air is? Chances are that you don't, because everyone thought I was crazy when I was testing ours. Using a simple Petri dish that we could watch bacteria grow on and multiply, we got to see just how bad indoor air can be. Then we got to see how good indoor air could be with the Air Angel™ from Air Oasis.

Truthfully, I never thought much about indoor air quality, but after seeing the results from the PTPA award-winning Air Angel™ in the before and after Petri Dish Test, I am definitely a believer. The Air Angel was only here a week and our air quality was not only noticeably better, but it was also apparent on the Petri dish. Air Angel on baseAir Oasis’s Air Angel is a small mobile germ-fighting air sanitizer and purifier. With proprietary technology developed by NASA and enhanced by Air Oasis that is used by hospitals, resorts, and professional sports teams, it’s a name that is trusted in air quality. The Air Angel was specifically created for families with children to protect from germs, viruses, aeroallergens and harmful pollutants in the air and on surfaces, which are big concerns when it comes to little ones.

Proudly made in the U.S.A., the go-anywhere Air Angel Air Sanitizer® has revolutionary, energy-efficient technology that purifies and sanitizes the air and surfaces. It can be used in rooms up to 250 square feet, including nurseries, bedrooms, playrooms, hotel rooms, cars, planes, and more. Air Angel kit

The Air Angel comes with a power cord, charger adapter and a zippered case, which is perfect for taking with you for travel. When using it at home, it is designed to be plugged in on shelves and surfaces out of children’s reach to invisibly purify and sanitize the air and surfaces around them.

I bet you're thinking that something this effective is probably the size of a couch or at least a bread box, right? What if I told you this was the size of the Air Angel? Air Angel by walletSeriously, you could put this just about anywhere, it's that small. This picture shows the Air Angel by a business card wallet for a size comparison. As you can see, it's tiny. So small that you can place it in your kitchen, your living room, bedroom, the nursery, or wherever.

And no, it doesn't sound like a twin jet airplane, either. The low hum of the Air Angel air purifier is hardly noticeable once you've been using it awhile. In fact, it’s so quiet that it’s hard to tell if it’s on or off when it’s running at the lowest setting. To put it in perspective, it is quieter than the fan on a computer, and it’s a consistent hum so it doesn’t kick on and surprise you. Air Oasis air purifierEver since we started using it, I feel the whole family is sleeping better, there are less lingering odors, and I know we are all sneezing less. The fact that it's completely portable means I will be taking it with me from now on when we travel or moving from room to room as we work on big projects and stir up dust.

If you or your family have seasonal of year-round allergies that have to do with dust, dirt or dander, I would highly recommend trying out an Air Angel to see just how awesome your indoor air quality can be.

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The Air Angel by Air Oasis retails for $249.99. You can purchase it from the Air Oasis site as well as find out more information about what kinds of pollutants you can remove from your air with no work at all.

You can also read more at the PTPA site and find out why parents are raving about this amazing little air purifier and why it earned the coveted Seal of Approval.
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  1. I am new to air purifiers but I wanted something to help keep my home fresh and the air clean for our kids, especially during our spring inversions. I like the clean lines of this purifier; it blends into our living area easily. It is simple to use and after a week of constant use is still working great. This is for a smaller area, not a whole home but for its intended use- this is a great product…


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