Peripop: the perfect blanket, play mat, and cushion for baby and beyond

Sponsored post Oribel Foxey babyAs someone who is always on the go with kids, I feel like I am constantly shuttling belongings from point A to point B, then to point C, and back again. It used to be that I would arrive at my destination and unload bags and toys and gear just for a few hours and then would cart it all back home again when I was done. But, my years of doing that are over now that I have three darlings who all need gear and I still only have two hands.

Since baby items are traditionally big and bulky, they were the first things to get abandoned for the sake of not feeling like a pack mule. But, then the problem arises of where I can set baby safely once we get to our destination so that I can actually use both those hands every once in a while.

That's why I love Oribel, a brand that completely understand that parenting often happens on the go. Their new line of baby gear is not only lightweight and portable, but also multi-purpose so that it solves numerous problems at the same time. Introducing Peripop, the coolest baby mat, ever.

Did I mention it's also adorable? Seriously, look at this cuteness on the Foxey Peripop.Oribel babyNot only does Oribel make some of the cutest and most functional baby products on the market, each of their designs are so ingenious that they can last for years of use – even well after the baby stage is done. And, that's precisely why we love the new Peripop.

The Peripop is a dual-sided play mat, but it's also so much more. Hidden at the bottom of the mat is a zipper that you can unzip to fill up the entire body of the Peripop. Oribel zipper endYou can put blankets, stuffed friends, diapers, clothing… basically anything that stuffs in and you can create your own squishable and adorable bag that is ready for any kind of travel. Oribel stuffedThen, once you get where you are going, you can either unstuff your Peripop and use it as a play mat or stroller blanket, or you can use it stuffed as a cushion or pillow for all the kids to use. Oribel Peripop How to PopIt’s the perfect baby mat for toting around in the car, stroller, or in the great outdoors because it can hold all your little items for the journey and then when you get to your destination it's the perfect clean, safe area to lay your babe. Oribel Peripop in boxSo, you can put clean towels in it and take it to the lake for a soft and sand-free place to set baby. Or you can pack baby's clothing and toys for a weekend trip to give you an organized place to store all those little things as well as a place for baby to play while you're at the hotel.

But, it also does double duty around town as a stroller blanket that hooks over the stroller bar so baby doesn't kick it off before you get to the park to play. Take it to the grandparents with special blankets and toys hidden inside for play time as well as naptime, and it's the perfect spot for baby to have tummy time during a play date. Oribel play mat with friendsBasically, it's great for whenever you have stuff to cart around but you also want a place to set the baby once you get there. So really, it's great for just about anywhere.

Use it with its colorful side up and make use of the animal paws that act as hand muffs to keep little hands warm, with or without the mat fully extended.Oribel Foxey with BabyOr you can flip it over to its quilted side and fully extend it so you can have a bigger area to play. Oribel Foxey MatWhichever way you use it, you and your little one are bound to be smitten. Once you see it in person you will understand that the Peripop is no cheap play mat. No, the Peripop is made with 100% cotton interlock and has embroidered {not printed} details and decorative quilted stitching that makes it not only adorable, but also kid-tough.  Oribel embroidered sideThis toughness means that when your Peripop gets dirty, you can simply toss it in the washer on gentle/cold and it will clean up good as new.

The Peripop is approximately 72cm x 108cm when completely extended, which makes it perfect for even bigger kids, or for multiple kids to use at once. This works out great for us because this baby's older siblings can't get enough baby play time. Oribel playmatesAs great as I think the Peripop is now for my little one, I think it's only going to get cooler as she gets older. I know she will really enjoy zipping in a few on-the-go treasures inside her Foxey Peripop as well as using the mat as a great place to relax after a long day. Knowing that we have years and years of use left in the Peripop after the baby stage makes me so happy because I don't know if I will ever get enough of this cuteness. Oribel play matThe Peripop retails for $69 and comes in 4 adorable animal designs so you can pick the perfect go-anywhere friend for your little one. Warning: it's hard to choose just one. Oribel Peripop
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Leanne SignatureA big thank you to Oribel for sending their Peripop Foxey to be adored. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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  1. How nice this is and I love it being so colorful. That in itself I know kids love and are attracted to. Cute kids you have!


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