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Sponsored post Diaper Genie diaper changing stationThis is what my current diaper changing station looks like. Clearly, a lot has changed since I became a mom 7 years ago. Sleeping in is now the finest of luxuries, my purse currently houses a combination first aid kit and toy box, coffee has become my best friend, and I’m so over the so-called must-haves. I know what works for me {coffee} and I know what doesn’t {the picturesque nursery}.

Hey, I’m not saying you never should design that dream nursery. I did for my first child and I enjoyed every second of planning, shopping, and seeing it all come together. What I’m saying is that, for me, it’s not a must-have. I hated the fact that my beautiful nursery was very under-utilized and became obsolete so fast. I was stuck trying to redesign the room multiple times as my daughter transitioned from baby to toddler and I vowed to do it differently the next time around.

Now that I’m a mom of three, I’ve learned a thing or two {or six} about diapering that I wish I could tell my younger self

  1. Change the baby where it’s most convenient. Sometimes this is the nursery, but most of the time for me it isn’t. With baby still in a bassinet it our room and with her naps mostly taking place downstairs where I can work, cook, and clean, she’s almost never in her nursery these days so a diaper change up in her room would be very inconvenient. Instead, she gets changed on a changing pad wherever it’s convenient and it makes it so much easier on all of us.
  2. Get a good diaper pail. While my diaper style has definitely changed, the one thing that hasn’t is my loyalty to my Diaper Genie. I went through 4 other pails and even did a diaper pail showdown before I decided that the Diaper Genie Elite was for me. It’s extremely low maintenance, the refills are inexpensive for how long they last, and it controls odors far better than any other pail we’ve ever used. So, is a Diaper Genie worth it? The answer is yes, yes, yes. Diaper Genie by toilet
  3. Take the pail out of the nursery. Even if you find that a changing table in the nursery is best for your baby, chances are that the diaper pail would be better suited somewhere else. I tried the Diaper Genie in the nursery twice before I gave up and moved it to the bathroom by the nursery where I could keep it away from little hands and where it was easier to empty and clean. For baby #3 we decided to keep the pail in the powder room on the main floor. This may seem crazy to put a diaper receptacle in literally the smallest room in the house where our guests will undoubtedly see it, but it’s only crazy for a lesser pail. The Diaper Genie actually works perfectly in the downstairs bath because it does so well controlling odors, it blends in nicely even in the formal area, and it is conveniently located right by the front door which makes it super easy to empty. Diaper Genie in the bathroom
  4. Create a diaper changing station. Since I wasn’t going the changing table route, I simply created a diaper change station in a drawer downstairs that keeps all the changing supplies hidden away unless I need them. That way it is easy to access everything I need quickly and easily, including diapers, wipes, creams, mats, a change of clothing and even a small toy to keep baby occupied. My diaper change drawer is located in the center of our living space right by the powder room so I can quickly change baby, dispose of the diaper, and scrub up afterwards. Diaper Genie change station
  5. Think long-term. Even if you decide you absolutely positively must have a diaper station in the nursery, do yourself a favor and consider changing tables that grows with your child like retrofitted dressers or trunks. That way you’re not blowing money on a piece of furniture that will be obsolete in a matter of months and it’s easy to transition from baby to toddler. Trust me, you can find lots of other things to spend your money on that your little darling will outgrow in months, furniture doesn’t have to be one of them. For my son, I found a vintage steamer trunk and added a changing pad to go in his very grownup world traveler-themed room. This has proven to be a much better grow-with-me plan and the only minor redesigning has come from the crib-to-bed transition and then simply removing the pad from the steamer trunk.
  6. Find out what works for you and your family and stick with it. You may decide that you love the traditional diaper changing station, and that’s great if it works for you. But if you’re like me and it doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to let go of the idea. Just because the catalogs tell you that you must have something doesn’t make it a fact. Only you know what works for you, your house, and your baby.

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