Where we were: Greenlake, WA

Greenlake ParkI love Greenlake in Seattle, WA. The area around the lake, the lake itself, and the walking path that surrounds it all have had my heart since I was little.Headshot Growing up, my family used to visit Greenlake almost as often as we visited parks within walking distance of our house, and it will always remind me of playing in the wading pools {which have since been removed, probably as a result of the thousands of stubbed toes I gave myself growing up}, playing on the playground, and renting paddle boats {happily, these are still there} during long summer days. Me and my boy

This was always followed by a walk around the lake perimeter as the sun went down, where we would return to our big huge family van exhausted and happy.

So, every chance I get during the spring and summer, I always suggest a quick walk around the lake. This typically begins on Mother's Day weekend, where we try for our annual "turn all your eyeballs and look at the camera or else" shot with me and the kiddos. Me and my babesAt least they are cute, right? Me and hubs
If you're in the Seattle area and haven't fallen in love Greenlake, I would highly recommend a trip to the lake in the spring, summer, or fall to walk around the lake. Visit some of the local businesses and restaurants, enjoy the park, the fields, and the trails, and just fall in love with the beauty of Seattle.

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