Lundby makeover: creating a spa retreat

Sponsored post Lundby Finishing touchesWho doesn't love a good spa getaway every once in a while? Mrs. Lundby in particular loves a very special spa by the beach that Mr. Lundby took her to when they were first married, and she has been dying to go back ever since.

But, with all the renovations they have been doing to their new house, they aren't really able to take an extended vacation right now, so they did the next best thing for her for Mother's Day: they brought the spa to their house.

To back up a bit, I should remind you what their bathroom looked like on move-in day: Lundby bathroom beforeNotice the dated vanity with pink floral tile and the broken shutter-style cabinets? That was the first thing to go. Mr. and Mrs. Lundby both got in on the demolition and had fun removing pieces to salvage for other projects around the home.  Lundby demolitianOnce the old vanity was out, they ordered some new bathroom fixtures and had them installed. Just look at how much the new fixtures brightened up the space.
Lundby bathroom new fixturesBut, they didn't stop there. They replaced the bright tile floor with dark hardwoods and they added a wood backsplash to the vanity to add to the luxury spa feel. Then, they added something Mrs. Lundby has been wanting for a while now: a new glass shower.

After the big renovations were done, Mr. Lundby took over the project so he could do a few things as a Mother's Day surprise. He made some floating shelves from the salvaged wood of the old vanity and installed them above the bathtub. To add to the beach spa feel, he placed some special seashells on it from their travels as well as some of her favorite scents and a new natural sponge loofah. Lundby Bathroom redoNext he did a matching shelf and arranged it with a sea star they got on their Caribbean honeymoon. The Mason jar is full of smaller shells the kids collected so they could be enjoyed without having really small pieces everywhere. Then he installed it over the toilet to add a little flair on that wall. Lundby beach bathroom decor Lundby bathroom floating shelvesJust look at how awesome the shelves look installed. Don't you just want to relax in that bath?Lundby bathtubBut, the best part of the new bathroom is the fact that it's open for business again in time for Mother's Day. Having your one bathroom under construction is definitely a bummer, so the whole family is incredibly excited about the updated bathroom remodel. Lundby bathroom tub side
So, what do you think about the new bathroom? Does it look like a spa retreat to you? Here's the after picture so you can compare with the before. I think it's a definite improvement, and something the whole family can appreciate.  Lundby After bathroom
Leanne SignatureA big thank you to Lundby for sending some bathroom fixtures for the remodel. And, a big thank you to Mr. Lundby for doing something special for Mrs. Lundby to show her how wonderful of a wife and mother she is.

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  1. I love that dollhouse. I like the review though too but the pictures really help with being able to see what you’re talking about 🙂 🙂

  2. The detail on everything is so awesome, before and after, too perfect. Really enjoyed the pictures here.


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