No-stress Easter dinner with HoneyBaked Ham

Sponsored post basic disclosureHoneyBaked Ham EasterSome people are natural born hostesses with buffet tables stocked with everything they could need for gatherings of all kinds, recipes at the ready to wow, and the organization to pull it all together. For me, even the thought of entertaining used to really stress me out. I worried about whether I would have everything perfect for guests, I worried over how clean my house was, and most of all, I worried what I would serve to eat that would work well for a crowd.

But, this year I've been entertaining more and more now that it's just easier to stay home with a newborn and have everyone come to us. And, while I wish I could say I've gotten better about tidying up before house guests, the truth is that now I just blame it on the baby. But, there's one thing I've gotten really good about doing as a mom of three: delegating.

That means when someone says, "Can I do something?", the answer is, "Yes." Sometimes that something is just playing with the kids while I get stuff done, sometimes it's bringing a dish or two, and sometimes that means handing off my baby to the first one in the door so I can enjoy some much needed time using both of my hands. HoneyBaked tipBut, my best delegating has got to be the addition of HoneyBaked Ham to our entertaining routine. My #1 tip for surviving entertaining during the holidays is letting HoneyBaked Ham handle the food for me.

Why spend hours shopping, planning, cooking and preparing when there's an easier way? We're talking minutes away from appetizers such as this, which is always a big hit. HoneyBaked appetizerThen, when the day comes and I should be cooking and prepping, I can relax {or clean up LEGOS and Hot Wheels cars across my floor} and not stress out before everyone even arrives. As everyone starts getting hungry, I can preheat the oven, pop in the food, and within the hour we will be eating a delicious holiday feast – all without any extra dishes required.

With Easter fast approaching and lots of holiday parties on the horizon, I thought this would be a great time to place another Honeybaked Ham order. I picked out a few dishes I wanted to try online, called the store to reserve the items, and then sent my husband to the HoneyBaked Ham Company store in Bellevue, WA with an empty cooler and some ice to pick up my Easter feast. HoneyBaked Ham spreadWhile Tip #2 is to minimize dishes and utilize the included baking trays and paper plates, even I can't resist a gorgeous Easter tabletop so I broke my own rule. But, in my defense, when you've got a gorgeous tea set from your grandma and a fancy fluted serving dish that was brought all the way from Germany in the 50s, you don't mind washing them. Add in some pewter pieces from my collection to go with some plates hubby and I picked out when we started dating in the 90s and then some new floral plates my daughter insisted we buy for our tea parties, and I’m a very happy girl… even if it did mean washing some dishes. HoneyBaked Easter mealBut, fill those beloved family pieces with a delicious meal to share as a family, and I’ll sit and enjoy my Easter tabletop for hours. Because with HoneyBaked Ham I can actually sit and enjoy rather than jump up to check this dish or that. No troubleshooting the turkey and ham while trying to entertain, and no having to follow recipes while carrying a conversation because with HoneyBaked I can truly relax and enjoy.  HoneyBaked HamWhy HoneyBaked Ham? When it comes to Easter ham, HoneyBaked has become the gold standard to which other hams are compared. Since 1957, they have been serving only the finest quality bone-in ham, cured in a secret marinade, and then smoked for hours over hardwood chips. Served spiral-sliced and then smothered with a sweet and delicious crackling glaze, the ham is a perfect amount of savory sweetness. Since we loved the boneless ham so much for Thanksgiving, this time around we decided to go with the bone-in, and we were just as pleased as before.

Tip #3 – Don't forget about the delicious HoneyBaked turkey breast as well. Full of flavor and fully-cooked, sliced and glazed, the HoneyBaked turkey breast is convenience food with a gourmet taste. Add in a turkey breast to your Easter meal and hopefully you will have even more leftovers to make into sandwiches and more.

Tip #4 – speaking of leftovers, make sure you have some. Since last time I horribly misjudged how much HoneyBaked foods we needed, this year I made sure to buy enough for leftovers as well as their special kit to make bean soup. With how much the whole family enjoyed our HoneyBaked spread, I wanted to make sure we could make multiple meals with it. Honeybaked Ham dished upIt also didn't hurt that everyone was saving room for this delicious dessert. So far we have absolutely loved every HoneyBaked dessert we've tried, and this was no exception. It came without fruit but we heated up some frozen blueberries for the top for a few seconds and made dessert even more decadent.

HoneyBaked Ham Blueberry cheesecakeI bet you’re wondering where you can you find this delicious ham that made a hostess out of me, right? With more than 400 retail locations, you are bound to have a store near you that can help you host the best Easter dinner ever. Simply use their online store locator and select your state or you can call 1-866-492-HAMS. Contact them today and find out how you can host a hassle-free Easter dinner without spending all day in the kitchen.

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