Hot Wheels Hyper Racer is perfect for springtime fun

Sponsored postIf you know my son, you know how important each and every car he owns is. Ask him to get rid of one and he will act like you asked him which arm he wants to keep. It’s like he told me when he was little, “I want too many cars.” And, apparently he is still building his collection in his goal to amass “too many”. 6a0105362badb1970b01901c8a5071970b-800wiSo, it will come as no surprise that he is smitten with a company called Toy State that makes all sorts of cars, trucks, vehicles, and gear he covets. He’s loved their toys since he was just a tiny tot {seriously, check out this post to see my cute little baby loving on his cars in 2013}. 

That love was renewed when the Hot Wheels Hyper Racer arrived. It passed the initial test just by the fact that it has wheels, but then when he realized that it did so much more than that, he was thrilled. HYper Racer

With the push of a button, the engine roars to life in “Hyper Mode” and the car changes color. Yeah, you read that right – the car changes color as it races. It’s a bit hard to photograph the color changes, but you get the idea of how cool it is. Hot Wheels Hyper RacerWith music and sound effects paired with motorized driving, the Hot Wheels Hyper Racer is sure to delight any car enthusiast. And, at under $15, this is the perfect birthday present for all those spring birthdays or even with an Easter basket.

Toy State vehicles are available at Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target and

Find out more at and follow Toy State on Facebook and Twitter. Leanne Signature

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  1. My son loves his hot wheels cars and trucks, and he would play with these for hours. Love that these cars make noise.


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