Be your own WiFi hotspot with an AT&T Unite for GoPhone mobile hotspot by NETGEAR

Sponsored postBefore, when I would travel, the most important thing to me was a comfortable bed and a shower, with a breakfast being a really nice bonus. Now, I would never book a room without WiFi because I've seen what happens when we try to vacation without it. Let me tell you, there's an awful lot of time spent searching for cafes with WiFi and parking ourselves at a back table while the rest of the family waits for whomever was unlucky enough to get the S.O.S. call from back home.

Yes, I know… we shouldn't be on the internet while we're supposed to be on vacation and surfing the internets doesn't count as real surfing, blah blah blah. But, the reality of owning a business, especially one that is web-based, is that having internet access during trips is often non-negotiable. 

Thank goodness the internet can now fit in my purse or coat pocket thanks to the AT&T Unite for GoPhone mobile hotspot by NETGEAR. Never again will I pay crazy hotel internet rates or deal with {gasp} broken internets now that I can literally access AT&T's 4G LTE/4G service where available and get secure WiFi on the go.  GoPro features

Of course, the GoPhone hotspot isn’t just for vacations, it’s also great for all those times I’m out and about and my boss emails with an ASAP project that requires internet access. Or those times when you have a big meeting and the WiFi crashes or gets overloaded. But, it’s also great for those times when I’m stuck waiting for doctor’s appointments and kid’s events but have a big deadline looming.

In short, it’s for any time you need internet on the go but don’t want to spend your day at Starbucks.    

Being able to connect up to 10 devices allows us all to use our tablets, laptops, and any other WiFi device with the GoPhone, which means I don’t have to spring for expensive mobile plans for each device. So, while on vacation or in a meeting I can share my good fortune and give access to my hotspot so we can all connect.

I bet you're figuring this bad boy is going to set you back a pretty penny and you're going to be stuck paying when you're not even using your GoPhone, right? Nope, it's actually quite affordable and much cheaper than having service on each of your tablets and devices.AT&T data plans for goPhone I also love that the plans are completely versatile. Whether you will be relying on the Unite mobile hotspot for daily work and want a hassle-free auto-renew or If you're wary of another monthly charge and want to do a pay-as-you-go data plan, there's a plan for you. How convenient is that? AT&T data plans refillWith a job that requires internet access and an on-the-go lifestyle, you can imagine how handy the AT&T Unite mobile hotspot is going to be for us throughout the year. I plan on using it while I wait for my daughter's school to let out, while riding in the passenger seat on long car rides when I have work to do, and, of course, while on vacation and for blogging trips.

Just think of how popular I'll be at BlogHer this year if the hotel's internet can't handle our group and everyone is searching for WiFi like they were last year. Yes, very popular, indeed.  AT&T Unite for GoPhoneThe AT&T Unite for GoPhone is available for $99.99 from AT&T stores as well as other retailers such as Best Buy, Radio Shack, Amazon, and Walmart.

Want to find out more about these awesome mobile hotspots? Stop into an AT&T store or head to the AT&T website to see all the GoPhone models and check out plans.

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