Expand your play with The Queen’s Treasures accessories and furniture for your 18″ dolls

Sponsored postAround here we take our doll play very seriously. My kids learn with their dolls, we host special doll play dates, and we look for any opportunity to include them in our mother/daughter bonding time. This also means I’m picky about what doll treasures end up in our collection and would gladly pay more for high-quality, detailed accessories and miniatures that will really expand our doll play. Doll playAll of this and more is why I adore The Queen's Treasures. Sick of all the pink plastic junk I was finding in retail stores, I ended up doing an exhaustive search online to see if I could find 18" doll items that would last through all the kids and make playtime even more fun. I found The Queen’s Treasures in one of those searches and ever since we received our first piece of their doll furniture, I’ve been a huge fan. Dolls in the kitchenIf you haven’t already fell in love with The Queen's Treasurers, I would highly recommend taking some time to check out their site to see their amazing collection of furniture, clothing, gear, and accessories all miniaturized for 18in dolls. While I love their doll clothing and miniature accessories, it’s their high quality doll furniture that I first fell for. With tiny cupboards, table and chair sets, kitchen, tea sets, bedroom furniture and a huge selection of 18in doll storage trunks, wardrobes and armoires and more that can take doll play to the next level.

As much as I adore literally every single thing on The Queen’s Treasures site, I am especially fond of their new line that takes dolls {and the kids that love them} back in time up to 100 years to life during WWI. We’re talking Salvation Army uniforms, an antique sewing machine, and a doughnut set that would make any doll lover or history buff very, very happy.

Oh, and did I mention this amazing vintage style stove? How adorable is this? Agvss_no_doll_1The Queen's Treasures vintage doll stove is a high quality wooden miniature stove styled after the enameled retro stoves of the 30's that I love so much. The stovetop measures 9 3/8in H, which makes this a perfect stove for all your 18in dolls.Doll stoveWith 4 stovetop "burners", a main oven with removable cooking rack, and a broiler there are several ways to pretend to cook. Complete with a display shelf above the stovetop, and three separate compartments to display your pretend food and cooking supplies, there is plenty of play value as well as storage for all those little accessories you are going to collect to play with. Seriously, just look at these details. Doll stove partsI’ve been looking for a kitchen for our dolls for ages since most of our doll play involves food of some sort with tea parties, restaurant, farmer’s market and more, and this stove is by far the best I have found anywhere. Not only is it completely adorable with its fun retro look, its sturdy wood components are also so much better quality than anything else on the market. Doll kitchen and stovePlus, it looks perfect with the table we got from The Queen’s Treasures a few years ago and makes for the perfect vintage kitchen for my daughter’s 18in friends. Doll kitchenI love that the vintage doll stove introduces my kids to the historic stoves of yesteryear while giving us a place to store all of our adorable accessories and extend our doll play. The kids love cooking and they love dolls, so what's better than something that helps them combine the two?Playing with the doll stoveIf you weren't already sold on the adorable historic details in their new line, you will love that The Queen's Treasures will donate 10% of the selling price of their Salvation Army Doughnut Girl Outfit {$24.99}, Salvation Army Uniform {$39.99} and the exclusive Salvation Army Doughnut Set {$39.99} to The Salvation Army, the international organization that changes the lives of thousands of children, families, and adults in need.

Want to see even more adorable doll items? Check out TheQueensTreasures.com to see what kinds of fun accessories, gear, and furniture you can buy to really maximize your doll play value. These are just three of my favorite picks, but I could list dozens more that we have on our virtual wishlists.

Camping setDoll trunkDoll Bakery

You can connect with The Queen's Treasures on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so you can keep up to date on all their new releases.

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  1. I know my daughter would like the Farmhouse table and chairs too. I also think the coconut smoothie stand is adorable. I’m ready for summer. 🙂

  2. We also have a large collection of The Queens Treasures and love the quality and historical design. The doughnut girls set will be my next purchase and I can’t wait for te new historical pieces that are coming! This was a great review of the true play value and quality of their products.


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