Sealed By Santa brings the magic of the season right to your mailbox

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From really young ages my kids have been obsessed with Santa. From the first day they see him at local stores, they start asking when they will get to talk with him.

And, it’s not about getting their wishlists in, because they seemed rather confused about Santa in connection with presents until this year when it finally clicked. For years they would come up with random Santa lists or reply that they didn’t know what Santa would want for Christmas and we just thought it was cute. For my daughter, her love of Santa is about the tradition of it, but for my son, it’s about having one on one attention so he can study Santa and ask any questions. Santa with kids

So, when I heard about Sealed By Santa, I knew it was perfect for helping keep the magic going throughout the holiday season. We decided on the Deluxe pack for both kids because it included everything we were most excited about including a letter from Santa, a “nice list” certificate, Mrs. Claus and Santa's favorite sugar cookie recipe, a video and phone call from Santa, reindeer food and a signed postcard from Santa. OrderhomepageOnce that was decided, I got to work personalizing the letters for each kid. With 17 different personalization items in easy to fill in boxes, the process is incredibly easy and just took a few minutes to fill in completely. I actually found it really fun to do as I got to include different special things I knew the kids would be most excited about and customize the experience.

Since I was ordering two letters so each child could have one to open and wanted to go with the same paper design, I ended up going the custom letter route. I changed up quite a bit in the letters beyond the names, wishlist, and accomplishments, including taking out food mentioned that I knew my kids didn’t like or excluding my daughter’s wishlist entirely since she was wavering on what she was going to ask for and I didn’t want to decide for her. Santaletterhome

And, when the first letter arrived in the mail, I was so excited about the quality of the kit. The Santa letter is printed on parchment paper and individually burned around the edges to give it an authentic old feel, and then finished with a real wax seal. 

Note: the letters are sent separately for each child, which I didn’t realize and made the mistake of getting the mail with them where they saw a bright and shiny letter and knew right away it was something special. My daughter was so disappointed when only her brother had a letter from Santa, so next time I would keep them from the mailbox around the holidays and wait until both letters arrived before showing the kids. Santa postcardBut, all was forgotten when the second letter arrived and both kids happily displayed their “nice list” certificates on our wall. They loved the letter, the special red seal, the postcard, and they are dying to use the reindeer food to sprinkle out on Christmas Eve, so I would call it a big success.

The only thing I would change about the experience is that I wish I would have done more to make the Santa letters different. Since the letters are both fill in the blank and have the same wording it seemed weird to read them aloud to the kids and hear so many similarities. I had thought I had customized quite a bit by removing whole lines and changing wording here and there, but I really should have written a whole new letter to make the experience seem that much more magical. If you have more than one child and ordering more than one Sealed By Santa kit, keep that in mind and plan on doing a fair share of customizing.

While the date for ordering your Sealed By Santa letter with the official North Pole postmark has passed, there’s still time to order your foil wrapped Deluxe kit or letter in time for the holidays. And, as a bonus, you can still get free shipping with all Santa Letters!

You can fiind out more and order at

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11 thoughts on “Sealed By Santa brings the magic of the season right to your mailbox”

  1. This company was a huge disappointment for me and my niece. I purchased this letter for her for Christmas for her being such a great kid and big sister. They had somehow fouled up my addresses for this Santa letter kit so I had contacted them regarding this matter. I wanted to give them a second chance. When emailing them regarding my issues, I received short and unapologetic responses by email by both Jen and Sarah. I was told they would re-mail the letter in Dec but my niece still to this day never received this awaited letter from Santa (01/14/16). They definitely stole my 7 year old niece the idea of Santa rewarding good children. I will make sure to steer everyone I know away from your company. Very Unprofessional.

  2. I also had several bad experiences with this company. One year, we received a letter that had the computer code included in the letter, not once but twice, before the letter was sent properly. The following year I decided to give them another try. There were grammatical errors in the letter template that I corrected in the editing field, but when it was printing, it contained the original errors. I emailed them about correcting the error, which they did in my letter, but the error in the template remained so I’m guessing others received erroneous letters as well. Thankfully my little one wasn’t able to read, so we were able to put the correct letters into her scrapbook, but we’ll be trying a different company this year.

  3. OMG YES!! They sent the Santa evidence kit under the name:to the parents of and my daughter’s name!! and of course she saw her name on the box and wanted to open it by the time I noticed she was opening the box she already saw the Santa hat and I had to grab the box from her and tell her it was empty. I emailed them and told them why would they put my daughter’s name on it and not the parents name and they gave a short response pretty much, Oh well too bad that’s how we have been doing it for 10 years. I told them I was going to write some reviews apparently they don’t give a crap. And then they sent the nice letter in a separate envelope which I wish it was all in one box so I can give it to her at Christmas but she already got it! it is two weeks before Christmas. I am VERY, VERY disappointed in them I would never buy from them ever again!!

  4. Leanne they did NOT make it right by me. My daughter almost saw the evidence kit because the box was in her name and they also sent the extra fake snow in another envelope with her name on it directed towards her when I specifically said I wanted that fake know to be used for the evidence kit. If she had seen the evidence kit that would have blown everything away and her whole Christmas would have been ruined by them. I told him all this and they could not care less. They said oh well sorry but we have been doing that for 10 years I am surprised that they are still in business! They are horrible!!!

  5. I ordered sealed by santa package with the ornaments. I didn’t get my call/video from santa. I have emailed & called sealed by santa numerous times no one ever answers or gets back to you. The package came and it was missing one of the pieces ( the ornament that you craft yourself) i loved that the rest of the stuff came and wasn’t damaged or wrong. But you obviously don’t get everything you pay for and seeing that other people had missing stuff as well really makes me upset. They obviously are only taking our money and doing the bare minimum to stay open.

  6. Contacted this company back in July 2017 to buy a package for myself and the company I work for, they were thinking about this as a present to all employees with families. Placed an order for one package as I trial. To this day, still have never received the package, no tracking info? Also, I left several e-mail message asking for information, a refund, etc… with no response received. They stole my money and lost a possible large account. For sounding like a professional company on Shark Tank, pretending that they care about the children and Christmas. What a bunch of fakes!

  7. What a rip-off, and disappointment. I was so excited for my 4 year old granddaughter to receive her sealed by santa package, and call. Neither one happened, and without any explanation. But I should have known something was wrong when I never received a tracking number from them. But 2 things I don’t understand, #1 is why they don’t have a order cutoff date, and why would they take my money knowing they weren’t going to ship my package out. #2 why is Shark Tank still associated with a company that is doing such bad business…. I have asked for a full refund, we’ll see what happens……

  8. Placed order for letter and phone call from Santa. Received letter, called in to set up phone call & was told call can only be made on requested day with one hour time frame. When I placed order was given a code for phone call. Tried to use this code to set up call twice & was informed this was wrong code. Called business & was given in house code for call. Placed order for December 23, 2018 call between 4pm-5pm. Mom made sure child was available for call & waited til 9pm for such call from Santa. No call!! Called business twice December 24 @ 6am PST & 8am PST since they are located in Florida. No answer, no response from email. Called business December 26, left 2 messages & email stating my dissatisfaction & disappointment with the service. Called business Dec. 27 and was told “99% of the time the call goes through, must be the phone line, will send a postcard from Santa in Florida.” Good thing the child was not aware of the pending call, she would have been truly disappointed thoroughly. But not as bad as I was. Think again about using this company in the future.


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