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Sponsored postEvery parent knows the dilemma of the cheap kid’s coat. At first it seems like a great idea as it costs very little and you reason with yourself that they will only wear it for a short time, so why not? Then you find yourself needing to replace it halfway through the season due to normal wear and tear or you end up going somewhere truly frigid and you realize quickly that the cheapy coat isn’t really cut out for freezing temperatures.

Parents, put your money away at the discount store and instead go for a good quality coat. You won’t regret buying a coat that truly lasts, never goes out of style, and keeps your kiddo comfortable in mild to extreme temperatures. Trust me, your kid will thank you for it. It may not have the newest Disney character on it or have glitter and hearts, but once your kid gets used to the comfort of a good coat, none of that will matter. Eddie Bauer First Ascent Hoodie

That’s why I love shopping at Eddie Bauer for good quality gear for kids that just lasts. Even if you buy big like I do and your child wears it for two years straight, it’s still nice enough to be able to passed down to the next kid in line. And, parents of multiple children like me will quickly realize that if you do the math, it actually makes good gear seem frugal in comparison to buying a new coat for each kid each year.

So, do you want to know what our kids wear? The Eddie Bauer First Ascent clothing and gear for kids, baby and toddler. Both kids have been wearing the First Ascent MicroTherm down jacket for kids for almost two years now and you would never guess it if you saw how nice they both still look after being warn just about year-round to school, at sports, during traveling, while camping, for approximately 700 nature walks {most of them in the rain}, and going through the wash a few dozen times. First Ascent logoThis year we thought we would add the Downlight Hoodie to our collection for even more rainy day comfort for our little adventurers. Just like the MicroTherm jacket we adore, the Downlight is ultralight and packable, which makes it easy to layer under a shell, stuff into a backpack, diaper bag, or stroller, or wear it as a stand-alone coat.

  Eddie Bauer First Ascent jacket for kids

With features such as 650 fill Premium Down, StormRepel durable water-repellent (DWR) finish that sheds moisture, interior pockets for storing essentials and secure zip handwarmer pockets, and cuffed sleeves to keep the elements out, this coat really does have it all. And, when it gets dirty, you simply throw it in the wash and it comes out as good as new. Eddie Bauer Downlight jacketAll of this is why I’m positive that the Downlight Hoodie jacket is the perfect coat for the Northwest. We see more than our share of rain each year, so I love the hood that can protect them from the elements without bringing along a separate hat or umbrella. But then we also have frequent sun breaks and even the occasional snow storm that we need to consider so I love that the Downlight coats are easy to stuff into a bag and bring with us so the kids will be comfortable, warm, and dry no matter what the unpredictable weather sends our way.

But my favorite feature? How unbelievably snuggle-able my kids are when wrapped up in Downlight coats. The coats aren’t super puffy, but what they lack in poofiness they make up for in softness. With rows of tiny baffles stuffed with a high fill power, it is ridiculously fun to squeeze and makes for some incredibly snuggly kids… and even better when I'm rocking my beloved Eddie Bauer coat as well. Girls in Eddie Bauer coatsWhether you are looking for an under layer for skiing and snowshoeing or you want a lightweight and compressible all-weather coat for your little one, I would highly recommend the kids First Ascent line as the perfect year-round coat. You can find both the First Ascent kids line for boys and girls at

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