Seattle getaway: Tulips in Skagit Valley Washington

Every year we go see the tulips with the kids, and every year I am suprised by how much they still love it. We’ve gotten our route down perfectly to avoid traffic {and no, sorry, I’m not telling you our secret}, we pack just enough snacks and hand sanitizer, we wear big rubber boots for the inevitable mud, and we plan for fun stops on the way home.

Here’s a few pictures of our trip up to Tulip Town this past weekend: Dancing in the tulip fields

Please note: she did not pick any tulips from the fields. These were crushed flowers other kids had picked and then thrown in the mud that she rescued. Lil Miss in Tulips

I’d be mad about this photobomb if it wasn’t my completely adorable nephew doing the bombing. Now, I just think it’s adorable. With kiddos in field
Tulips hubby and I
And, of course, the whole fam damily. Tulips Family 2014Naturally, I have to include a shot of the mud, too. It wasn’t as awesome as last year’s muddy lakes around the field, but she loved it anyway. Mud at tulips
Having been for 6 years in a row now, I will admit the flowers weren’t as spectacular as they were in previous years, but I think it’s more to do with how late in the season we went. The prime tulip time is around mid month, but this year we missed that window due to our Disneyland trip.

Even if the fields weren’t as full as normal, I was happy to get up there and keep the tradition going. To make it even more fun, this year I was really happy we added my sister and nephew to the tradition and even happier that I got a cute belly shot of my sister. Isn’t she adorable? Belly shot in tulip fields
Did you get up to see the tulips this year? Check out for more information about visiting the tulip fields.
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2 thoughts on “Seattle getaway: Tulips in Skagit Valley Washington”

  1. that looks so colorful… and definitely looks like Spring and Summer are well on their way. Here in Maine it’s been cold, rainy & depressing. We’ve had a few warm days, but nothing special. very nice family photos, thanks for sharing!

  2. That is an awesome family day trip. I wish it were closer to me, I would love to go see the tulips. Spring is really just starting here in NY, I just started seeing daffodills less then 2 weeks ago.


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