Spin into Spring with TwirlyGirl dresses and skirts {with coupon code}

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My daughter will only wear dresses. Not shorts, not pants, not even skirts most days. All she wants is dresses. She’s clearly a little fashionista, but even with her eye for fashion, she won’t compromise with clothing that is uncomfortable and isn’t fun and girly. So, of course she fell in love with TwirlyGirl when she saw they carried cute dresses for girls like these, which just so happened to speak to her fashion side as well as her inner dancer.  
TwirlyGirl dressesWhen I was growing up, my sister and I had a special spot in our closet where we kept dresses that were “spinny” {AKA cut so that they flare out when you spin}. Those dresses were the ones we returned to over and over again and I can still vividly remember the details in both dresses. Sadly, we only ever owned two of these dresses as spinny dresses are hard to come by. Apparently, boring and flat is the norm for clothing.

But, once I saw TwirlyGirl, I realized I was looking at what I would have designed back when I was a girl, you know, if I was any good at designing. Oh, what we would have given to have a dress from TwirlyGirl, a company designed to make cute dresses for girls that would put all of our spinny dresses to shame.Twirly Girl dress

Seriously, just looking at some of their cute girl dresses and skirts makes me *almost* want to be a kid again. 

My daughter was with me when I stopped by the mailbox and picked up our TwirlyGirl Pinwheel Dress, and it was about 10 seconds before she had it on, over her clothes. She was spinning down the street for the rest of our walk, and everyone we passed on our walk had to stop and talk about how adorable her dress was. Spinning from above TwirlyGirlWith flared sleeves, a shiny pink bodice and colorful skirt with contrasting strips of fabric that flares as you spin, the TwirlyGirl Pinwheel dress is certainly eye-catching. But, watching it spin is truly mesmerizing. Dancing in Twirly Girl
True story: it’s impossible to be grumpy while you are spinning. Also true: it's impossible to be grumpy while watching someone twirl in a TwirlyGirl dress.

Even though the dress is a heavier fabric than a sundress {better for twirling, I imagine}, my daughter insisted that she bring it to Disneyland with us last week. Who was I to argue when it made her so happy? Twirly Girl sittingAnd, I’m so glad I let her bring it, because it was so cool watching her twirl all day in the most magical place on earth. Let me tell you, we got lots of happy comments from the people watching her spin while they were standing and waiting, and even a few of them asked where to get cute girls dresses like the one she was wearing. Twirly Girl spinning

TwirlyGirlLooking for a cute girl dress for a special event or just for fun? Check out TwirlyGirl's entire collection here. TwirlyGirl carries more than just this one type of Pinwheel Dress, they also have reversible dresses, skirts, sleeveless dresses, long sleeve dresses, and they even have a way to design your own TwirlyGirl dress for your little one.   Spinning in TwirlyGirl in DisneylandWant to find a store near you that stocks TwirlyGirl? Check out their store locator. If you're ready to order now, you can use the code RaveTG to get 10% off your order {excludes sale items, gift certificates, and Design Your Own Dress feature}.

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Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to TwirlyGirl for sending a Pinwheel dress for review as well as providing a discount code for our fabulous readers. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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