Build a fort as big as your imagination with Fort Magic

You may remember how much I adore Fort Magic fort building kits that make it easy to create amazing forts for the kiddos without an engineering degree, but now that the kids are older, I love it even more. Since our last post we’ve made huge forts in our living room, our family room, and even took the Fort Magic kit with us while on vacation so the kids could build an outdoor hideout for cousins only, complete with added satellite dish. 574491_416422895116389_1145160500_n

Haven’t heard of Fort Magic before? The Fort Magic fort building kit contains everything you need to create your own fort as big as your imagination. The 382 piece kit contains all different shapes and sizes of rods, connectors and accessories that allow you to build a fort – anywhere, anytime.

Fort Magic contents

Yes, you read that right, there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you don't love it. But, the truth is that you will love it. Don't just take my word for it, take a look over at the Amazon reviews to see just how happy Fort Magic customers are. I can attest to the fact that if you follow the common sense Fort Magic safety tips on their website, you will be a very happy owner for years and years to come.  

It should be clear by now that we are not talking a typical box fort with straight sides and a blanket for a roof, we are talking fort masterpieces that include pirate ships, cottages, tree forts, castles, mansions, rockets, and just about anything else you can dream up. By allowing you to build a fort with simply a frame and a blanket, it greatly expands the possibilities for your design as well as maximizing the play area in your finished fort. Build a Fort as Big as Your Imagination

People who come over to my house are always surprised by how well my children play by themselves – either alone or together. I credit this entirely to my kids' amazing imaginations. They can play for hours on end pretending they are traveling together, going to work at fancy offices, and living in cottages in the woods and I usually only step in to help them reach tall items or tie on their elaborate costumes they create. Having the Fort Magic set to enhance these elaborate games has been amazing as it allows them to build exactly what they want and change it as the story evolves. In the fort tower
They might start with a pirate ship, but then that pirate ship becomes an island, which then is a tree fort built between palm trees, and finally it is a plane they take back to Paris to visit the Eiffel Tower. All in a day’s play. 6a0105362badb1970b0168e8e55544970c-800wi

With long, medium, short and teeny straight rods, various sizes of arcs as well as a selection of connectors and fabric clips, you have virtually everything in the Fort Magic kit you need to encourage creative play. With this kind of design possibilities in one kit, I really love that Fort Magic has fort ideas, tips, and tricks to get you started thinking outside the box as otherwise it might be overwhelming figuring out how to make more advanced shaped forts. Fort MAGIC

We tend to start with their designs and then add our own flair, but after a few hours of playing, the forts always evolve into something else entirely, which has the added benefit of extending playtime that much further. I know that if we had access to a stash of blankets and covers, we could make our forts that much cooler and do up one of these amazing designs that the kids just might want to leave up permanently, which is why I’m thrilled that Fort Magic might be offering fort covers in the near future as well. 6a0105362badb1970b016763e50049970b-800wi

With all this talk of hours of play, I bet you’re wondering how solid of a fort you can truly build with a rod-and-connector style base, and I can attest to the fact that these forts we’re building are meant to be played in. The rods themselves are really strong and can support weight of heavy blankets without much flexing. And, when paired with the sturdy connectors, you can even create moving parts such as steering wheels, doors that open and close, and anything else you can dream up. Building a tether system

Since the Fort Magic kit has arrived, our days have been filled with the process of creating, building, and eventually, playing with our forts. The kids love to make themselves at home in their fort, adding cut flowers for flair and even making their own fort "kitchen". Decorating the fort

Fort sink
And, since Fort Magic is as fun to set up as it is to play with, and tear down takes only minutes, it is easier than ever to take imaginative play to the next level. Coming up with a plan, putting it into action, and then working cooperatively to make it happen is just about the coolest thing  I can imagine and one that I’m so incredibly grateful my kids are going to grow up enjoying. Pulley system

Worried about storage? As someone who doesn’t have a playroom available for stashing huge toys or a living room with excess cushions just for fort building, I love that the Fort Magic kit doesn’t take up excess space. For as huge of creations that you can make, it’s really quite amazing that everything fits nicely stored in either the box it come is or in their custom bags that they include for storage and transporting all those little pieces. Since we love to take the kit with us, I especially love the carry bag as it will make it easy to drop it off for sleepovers, loan it to my children’s classrooms, and take it with us on the road. Rapunzel let down your hair

Compact storage, fun set-up, unlimited building possibilities, and great use of space makes this kit the perfect solution for combatting rainy days. The Fort Magic Kit is perfect for transforming our living room into a kid haven for a few hours and then be able to pack away at the end of the night without leaving any sign of the adventurous play that took place.  Princess fort

It’s amazing how quickly a day can go from boring to amazing with the inclusion of rods and connectors paired with a whole lot of imagination. As a parent, I’m always searching for toys that inspire creativity, require teamwork, and are educational, and the Fort Magic Kit nails all three perfectly. I’m not one who throws around the word “magic”, but this is definitely a case where magic happens as soon as you open the box.

Check out Fort Magic education and learning page to see all the ways playing with Fort Magic can encourage creativity, cooperation, and critical thinking in children of all ages.

Check out Fort Magic on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook so you can see all the amazing forts their very happy customers are creating! Ready to buy? You can purchase right on the Fort Magic store or from

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Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Fort Magic for sending a fort making kit for us as well as one for one lucky winner. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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  1. ♥ I WOULD! ♥ …*cough* guess it WOULD look better if I was “helping” a little one… Good thing my 1st grandbaby is due this summer… 😉

  2. oh this looks awesome!
    my son would love this… he was just telling his daddy he wanted to go camping… this would just make the summer days that much more fun!!!

  3. My son and daughter would absolutely flip for this! They would like putting it together and playing inside! And I have to admit I would enjoy helping them and playing with them! We build forts quite a bit! They keep me busy! I love it! Thank you for the chance to win this awesome giveaway! Good luck to all! 🙂

  4. My daughter had a similar toy but gave it away because the connectors were too hard for kids to work on their own. This looks easier, and thus more fun

  5. My daughter would LOVE this!! She is always asking me to build forts and tents but mine fall down within a few minutes lol


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