Giving Corolle dolls this holiday season

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I am 100% convinced that every little kid needs a Corolle doll. Regardless of gender or toy preferences, I truly believe that every toddler needs to have their own doll to love. And, as it turns out, the experts agree with me.

It was through our co-op preschool that I first realized the importance of doll play for both girls and boys. The textbooks all agree that not only is doll play fun, but it also helps with social and emotional skills, verbal skills, role play, and helping to grow their imaginations.
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I have experienced this firsthand as I see the kids interacting with their Corolle babies. With their dolls, they imagine all sorts of adventures, they play house, and they treat them as true friends whom they can confide in and share stories. I know that my children’s doll play has contributed so positively to their interactions with others and has helped shape their childhoods, and for that I am extremely grateful.

So, whenever I’m shopping for a little one, the first thing I think of is Corolle dolls. I’ve bought Corolle dolls for friends, neighbors, and family throughout the years and every time we do, I hear from the parents about what a great gift it is and how that’s the only baby the child plays with.

This year we decided that we wanted to share the Corolle love and sponsor a child who wouldn’t otherwise have presents this Christmas. Our child we sponsored was a baby girl who just turned one, and I thought an Elf First Doll from Corolle was the perfect present for her. We added a set of wooden blocks, a nice warm blanket, and a dress to the donation bin at the donation drop location.

Giving Corolle
Of course, my son’s beloved Knox doll had to join us, dressed in a matching outfit. Because that’s how everyone donates toys, right?

Walking Corolle doll
I must say, it made it much easier to say goodbye to the brand new Corolle Elf doll with our own little Corolle friend.

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