Galt Toys offers educational and developmental toys and gifts for kids of all ages

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I’m guessing most of you out there are very familiar with Galt Toys, even if you wouldn’t recognize the name. With a history spanning over 175 years and with toys for ages 0-12, Galt Toys has been celebrating the importance of childhood play in Europe and is now moving into North America just in time for the holidays.

Galt Toys selection
From their iconic Ambi Toys collection that I remember vividly from my own childhood to the Galt learning books that are used in schools and homes alike, Galt Toys have been a staple in many homes for generations. Do these look familiar to you?
Ambi Toys

Galt just launched The Galt Toys Dr. Miriam collection, a collaboration with parenting guru Dr. Miriam Stoppard. This collection of First Years toys is designed for babies and toddlers and consists of 21 wooden, plastic, and soft toys designed to encourage learning through play. The collection includes traditional favorites such as the stacking rings, pull along puppy, and activity kitten. 
Galt toys

I vividly remember playing with those toys with my sister decades ago and was thrilled when I got them handed down from my mom for my own children. Even though my kids are too old for baby toys, I can’t bear to let the toys go, so instead they are my children’s baby doll toys, a solution that suits me just fine.

With a bunch of babies on our list this year, I knew immediately that Galt Toys would be our go-to company for classic and unique gifts that are heirloom quality and inspire learning at the same time. Who wouldn’t want to stack these cups up almost as tall as themselves only to push it over and watch it topple to the ground?

Stacking cups
But, Galt Toys is about more than baby toys, they also carry arts and crafts, learning workbooks, puzzles, activities, science & discovery games, and an entire Girl Club collection. Since I have a little one who loves to play school, I’m very familiar with Galt Toys and have spent hours helping her grade math worksheets from the Galt books.

Galt learning books
This year we were thrilled to be sent some arts and crafts kits from Galt Toys that we could do together on our road trips, and I’m very impressed by the quality of the kits. They include everything you need to do a bunch of arts and crafts so they are perfect for on the go fun and keeping the kids entertained with something other than electronics, and then you have great crafts to display when you get home that are a great memory of your trip.

We loved the fact that the Jewelry Craft {or Jewellery Craft for our European friends} included nearly everything we needed to make a bunch of friendship necklaces and bracelets for my daughter’s friends. With chunky plastic beads perfect sized for kids working on fine motor skills and colorful foam cutouts for extra fun as well as numerous different clasps, strings and elastic as well as jewelry findings, the kit was easy to use and included all the little accessories we needed, we just needed to add some scissors. Galt Jewelry Craft

As an added bonus, the package has a space to layout your design ahead of time and makes it easier for children to follow a pattern. This also made it less of a mess with beads that could roll off tables and desks and it kept them all contained in the kids craft station.

The Fairy Sewing Kit from Galt was another fun project for both kids with three foam core sewing projects to make fun cases. The kit includes plastic sewing thread and a blunt plastic needle to help make threading easier and it is great for beginning sewers who really want to make things.

Fairy Sewing kit
The kit was perfect for my daughter who is very interested in sewing but still too young for sharp needles and thread that tangles easily. I love that I could let her do this craft all by herself and she could learn basic sewing skills in a safe way that wasn’t frustrating to her. 

Plus, just look at this cute purse we did together!
Galt purse
If you are shopping for educational and developmental toys for children of all ages, be sure to check out the great selection from Galt Toys. These are available via Amazon and other online retailers {most of which are still shipping in time for the holidays} as well as numerous local toy and education stores across North America. Just check out the amazing selection on

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