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Toys these days are just so cool. Sure, you can still find cheap, plastic junk at just about every big toy store, but there are also a handful of companies still making classic toys and gifts that will delight for decades. The problem is finding those companies is a full time job. Thank goodness I can turn to Museum Tour to find those companies without having to search high and low.

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The Museum Tour catalog and website were created by a former museum director and educator in order to help take learning beyond the museum and science center walls. With items chosen to help parents teach their children essential life skills at home, the Museum Tour collection of products includes many previously hard-to-find items and learning toys.

Museum Tour believes that children will want to learn if presented with toys that have been created with both education and fun in mind so they have packed the pages of their catalog with the best of the best in terms of high quality learning toys. Museum Tour toys

I don’t know about you, but I get overwhelmed when shopping for kids toys, wondering what’s just going to collect dust in the bottom of a toy bin. When I found Museum Tour, it was as if I had curated the catalog myself and I was in heaven with page after page of the good stuff. It’s got the classic, the unique, and the toys that really wow.

The only thing it doesn’t have is the higher price tag. The Museum Tour prices are surprisingly affordable and aren’t marked up simply because they are in a specialty catalog. So, whether you’re shopping for stocking stuffers, big presents to wow, or everything in between, you can know you’re getting a great gift at an even better price.

One look at their Top 10 holiday list and I was smitten. Having had experience with many of the brands and products previously, I can attest to the quality, the play value, and the just plain coolness of everything on their list. Items like Candy Chemistry are perfect for your science whiz, the Living Sands set for sensory playtime, and the Enchantmints jewelry boxes for your artsy pre-teen and all of these and more are available 24/7 on

One of my favorite gifts on their list this year is the Construction eating set that makes mealtime fun, even for picky eaters. My son got this set for his 2nd birthday and it’s still one of his favorite “toys” because it has a practical and useful function at the same time. He’s crazy for diggers and bulldozers, so he loves that with this he is the construction foreman and can dig and build anywhere he likes, provided he’s also scooping food into his mouth as well.

Construction eating set
Another favorite item is the Enchantmints jewelry boxes that have hidden drawers to make putting your jewelry away seem like you’re hiding special treasure. Since little girls love jewels and baubles, I love that the Enchantmints jewelry boxes give you a place to store them all. These boxes come in various designs including unicorns, horses, ballerinas and more.

Enchantmints jewelry boxes
And, this year I fell in love with the Magformers Carnival Set that is great for developing hand-eye coordination and construction skills. You can build a ferris wheel or any other thrill ride you can think of with the 46-piece magnetic building set.
Magformers in boxYou can create simple and complex 3D magnetic models that hold together by super strong kid-safe magnets, add in the carnival seats {complete with little riders}, and then even play with your creations and get them spinning on your tabletop.

Magformers collage
Looking for the perfect gift for all the kids on your list? Check out the Museum Tour’s gift finder that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. With just one search you can find something for each child on your list by age or grade all the way from preschool all the way to high school. And, since there’s a little kid in everybody, I love that they even have an adult gift section!

Did you know there's still time for shipping before Christmas? Order by Tuesday the 17th and get in in time for present opening!

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Check out the vast selection of gifts at and be sure to like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and Instagram and Pinterest.

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23 thoughts on “Educational and fun toys from Museum Tour”

  1. I’m sorry,,,,,,BUT this company has the absolute WORST customer service and product availability of ANY company I have dealt with in ears.
    The representatives ae rude and condescending. I literally had to make several calls over a 4 week period to obtain information about ONR item (in a $400 order) and when I FINALLY got to an advisor that was willing to discuss the issue her excuse for the non-availability of a paid for item was “Well it is snowing in specific areas in the US”,,,,,,REALLY?? Unacceptable customer service!!! NO WILLINGNESS to make ANY amends on the item (which would not arrive until WELL after Christmas (“it is still snowing in your area”) on an order [placed and PAID for well before Thanksgiving) . Sad and shameful.

  2. So many wonderful items to choose from, but my favorite is Robotic T-Rex . Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  3. WILL NOT USE THEM AGAIN! They have nice items but ordered about 700. worth of toys and paid a HUGE fee for shipping. I ordered a night vision item for my grandson that required a specific tool to open the battery compartment so that we could put a battery in. It was a philips head screw driver that was so small it had to be magnified to see it. No tool included and a grandson crying because he couldn’t play with his gift. When I called customer serve she couldn’t have cared less. Told me to ship it back at my expense or take the toy to a specialty store to get the right tool. Not at all apologetic. When I mention that the box also didn’t indicate that it required batteries, she told me that I should pay closer attention to the website when ordering because it would have been indicated there…it wasn’t.
    VERY UNHAPPY WITH THIS COMPANY!!! There are so many other options for nice toys…I have about 30 catalogs to choose from and if you shop toys online, you probably do as well. Choose another option for your sake~

  4. Very poor customer service. Promised a RA and a shipping label and then refused to honor the request. Said it was my responsibility to ship back. It would cost more for me to return it than the product was worth.


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