Keep your tablet safe during holiday baking season with AT&T

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Holiday Baking with AT&T

Remember when we used to use cookbooks to cook? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but those days are fading fast. These days, I get my recipes from Pinterest, from other bloggers, and from recipe sites – very rarely do I crack open a cookbook.

These days I leave my tablet or laptop on the dining room table and simply memorize the recipe in small pieces while I gather ingredients and cook so it’s safely out of my work zone.

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t the best idea for a forgetful cook who also has very distracting “helpers”. There have been many times I’ve transposed numbers or doubted myself enough to check the same ingredient over and over again because I got sidetracked.

But, not anymore. Now I’ve got this little guy to help me in the kitchen.


AT&T has come to the rescue just in time for holiday cooking and baking and allowed me to safely bring my tablet in the kitchen with me. Now, instead of running out of the room to check cooking instructions, I can simply prop my iPad up on this fancy new tablet stand. So, instead of taking up precious counter space or risking ruining an expensive tablet, I can set the tablet up on the tablet stand and be able to see it easily while I cook but still keep it safe from potential cooking accidents.

The case-compatible stand allows for portrait or horizontal orientation as well as giving you the option to lay your tablet almost flat on top of the base so you can always get the view you need. I really like the ability to lay my tablet over the stand and look straight down at it without worrying about something spilling across the counter and getting my iPad wet or sticky.

In addition to keeping your workspace clear and your tablet clean with the tablet stand itself, there is an included stylus that makes it so you don’t have to touch your tablet with messy hands. The stylus is incredibly helpful for when you need to scroll back and forth between the ingredients list and directions, or for stopping and starting a video tutorial. Then you only need to worry about washing the stylus when you finish your masterpiece.

Belkin stylus
The sturdy stylus has a magnetic tip that you can use to wake up your iPad 2 just like when you open the smart cover, and has full touch capability so it acts just like your fingertip across the screen. It also comes with a base of its own that holds it in an upright position so it is always easy to grab. This base also fits right into the center of the tablet stand so the two will nest together out of the way when not in use. 

Since I have a pretty basic case/stand for my iPad I never trust it standing up on its own, much less while touching the screen. I really love how much more sturdy the Belkin tablet stand is which makes me a lot more comfortable bringing it into the kitchen with us so I can try out all the recipes I’ve found online. As an added bonus, we now have a sturdy stand for all around the house or even outside that makes it that much easier to watch movies or play games on.

You can find the Tablet Chef Stand + Stylus at AT&T stores and online for $40. It would make a perfect gift for any tablet owner, or even as a treat for yourself as you're slaving away in the kitchen for the holidays.

Have you been dreaming on an under-cabinet mount for your tablet? AT&T has the perfect solution – the Tablet Cabinet Mount ($50) allows you to bring your tablet into the kitchen without ever touching the counter. Easy to see while baking and cooking, but then easy to tuck away under any cabinet or shelf when you're done, the Tablet Cabinet Mount is perfect for those who want a more permanent solution for cooking with tablets.

Don't own a tablet yet? You're in lucky because AT&T is offering $100 off any tablet with two-year service agreement! Since tablets are topping many people's lists this year, this is your chance to be a hero while saving a ton of money!
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  1. I want one! This would be so very handy when cooking and baking. My fiancee and I love to cook and bake and I collect tons of recipes and cookbooks on our computers and tablet. Thanks for the info.


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