Holiday cleanup is a breeze with the Shark Rocket lightweight vacuum

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by Stacey, editor and reviewer

My household requires a serious vacuum; with two dogs and two young kids my vacuum is on constant overdrive. I love having a clean house, but my vacuum has to keep up with my active lifestyle so I started my search for a machine that would help make quick clean ups a breeze.
Shark Rocket
The Shark Rocket, one of the newest lightweight vacuums on the market, was the solution to the things my large upright vacuum so often lacked. Shark re-engineered the full size vacuum to make a more versatile machine {without the usual heavy packaging} that deep cleans carpets and hard floors with ease.

Shark Rocket Goes Everywhere Cleans Everything
This lightweight vacuum weighs in at under eight pounds, but don’t let the small package fool you, this machine has some serious suction that easily compares to any full size upright model! Shark Rocket Vacuum

I was immediately impressed by the versatility of the Shark Rocket. The handheld canister {that houses the dust cup and power cord} can be connected directly to any of the attachments to really personalize your cleaning options. Here are some of my favorite features of the Shark Rocket:

•    Overhead cleaning – With the hand held canister directly attached to the wand and the 12” crevice tool, cleaning ceilings and hard to reach overhead places is no longer an impossible chore. Since the canister is so lightweight overhead cleaning is now possible without feeling like you’re doing a complete upper arm workout.

•    Stairs – Attaching the canister directly to the floor nozzle is quite possibly my favorite of the many options the Shark Rocket offers users. Vacuuming stairs was a tireless chore that I used to dread, with the Shark Rocket I can quickly and completely reach all my stairs {without lugging a heavy vacuum or feeling like I’m missing half the stairs like I did with a regular large canister vacuum}.

•    Hard floors – The hand held canister attached to the wand and then to the dust away floors attachment, works hard to pick up dirt and dust. This attachment is made especially for hard floors and also has an attachable micro-fiber pad for added cleaning. This one is great for catching pet hair and dander on my hardwoods, and leaves nothing behind. The micro-fiber pad can be washed in warm water with liquid detergent and reused at every cleaning.

•    Furniture – Attaching the upholstery or dusting brush attachment directly to the hand held canister made cleaning my couches an easy chore. It was so effortless to reach all those hard to reach places and crevices that were easy to miss with my old vacuum and I loved not having to mess with a bulky hose that got in the way of my cleaning. An added bonus, my dog even let me use the dusting brush directly on her coat to pull off extra hair in a snap and is sure to save me some tireless cleaning later.
Shark Rocket Vacuum heads
I’m pretty picky when it comes to selecting a vacuum and the Shark Rocket more than lived up to my high expectations. Really, the only thing I would change about the Shark Rocket would be to add a HEPA filter, but other than that, I think they absolutely nailed everything I was looking for in a vacuum – It's portable, lightweight, powerful, and can clean over, under and around things you've never dreamed of before now. 

Rocket filter
I’ve owned Dyson vacuums in the past, and the Shark Rocket offers superb comparable performance {yes, even including suction!} at a fraction of the cost of a Dyson. The Rocket maneuvers more like my all terrain stroller than large upright vacuum and has wheels and ergonomics that are sure to impress.

Shark is currently offering an awesome value on the Shark Rocket. Check out the exclusive offer at for only $159.80 that includes the following:
•    Shark Rocket lightweight vacuum
•    Wide upholstery tool
•    Dusting brush
•    12” crevice tool
•    Wall mount
•    32” cord
•    Dust away attachment with 1 washable microfiber pad
•    Free shipping
•    5 year VIP warranty including repair or replacement

Stacey Polaroid

A big thank you to Shark for sending a sample to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% ours and no monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

4 thoughts on “Holiday cleanup is a breeze with the Shark Rocket lightweight vacuum”

  1. TY for the review. Me and my husband were just saying last night we have to replace our new big vacuum that NEVER works back to a small one like this. We owned a great small vacuum 2 years ago but when I moved to my new apt. my mom threw that great one out because she bought me a new bigger vacuum. I hate it! I want to go to Amazon and order it now 🙂


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