Corolle dolls for boys and girls

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My son plays with dolls. He’s had a Calin Sky Corolle doll since he was a few months old, purchased when we realized he was army crawling across our house in order to get to my daughter’s dolls and cover them with sloppy, baby kisses. This doll, named Baby Knox, started out as a comfort toy. Baby Knox was something we would give him when he wanted to babble at something and all of our hands were busy, and has slowly evolved into a friendship that surprised us all.

Well-loved baby
Now, Baby Knox goes everywhere with us. And, what is really cool is that Baby Knox is both a toy and a comfort item that helps soothe him when he gets sad or angry or scared. He’s become a big part of our daily routine and an honorary member of the family.

New outfit for Knox

We get lots of questions when we’re out with Baby Knox like, “Do you think he will grow out of it?” Or, my favorite, “Are you worried about him liking ‘girls’ toys’?” Most of the time, these questions come from kids, but every once in a while it’s from someone you would never expect to be so closed-minded about kids and toys.

You see, toys don’t have genders. They are toys. Designed for the mere purpose of play. Whether pink, green, or chartreuse, toys are for everyone who wants to play with them, regardless of gender.

That’s right, there’s no such thing as “girls toys”.

Baby on porch
And, my son wants to play with dolls… And cars, power tools, dogs, building blocks, trains, and any sort of sporting equipment he can get his hands on. He’s a well-rounded little guy. 

Baby and cars
And, my husband and I are fine with it. No, we’re more than fine with it; we’re actually thrilled about it. It means that our daughter has an awesome built-in playmate, it means that he’s busy imagining real-life scenarios for him and his baby, and it means he always has a friend with him – whether it’s the middle of the night, when his sister is at school, or when no one else wants to play.

Holding two babies
I know he will eventually grow out of dolls and Baby Knox will be moved to his toy box instead of in a place of honor in his bed, but I hope it’s a long way off. I like to think I will be fine with it when it eventually happens, but I will probably end up crying like a baby like I have in every other end-of-an-era event.

After that happens, I will rescue Baby Knox and put him safely in my son’s keepsake box where he will stay so I can always preserve those memories of my baby boy and his baby. Whenever I’m feeling like my baby grew up too fast, I can take a trip down memory lane and pull Baby Knox from the wooden chest.

Baby in bed
Will it be the sweet vanilla smell that makes me cry, or will it be the fact that Baby Knox is a “loved” shade a few darker than he was out of the box? Whatever it is, I know that the comforting feel of Baby Knox in my hand is going to take me right back to my baby’s childhood.  

Logo_headerNo matter what age or stage your child is,
Corolle has a doll that would be perfect for them.  Whether you have a little snuggler, a little beautician, a
little mommy, or a child who likes to play act with dolls, Corolle has
your answer. And, if that little one just so happens to be a boy, they even have tons of little boy dolls to choose from that would sure to make them happy. Check out their entire line at the Corolle site or visit their display at a retailer near you.

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10 thoughts on “Corolle dolls for boys and girls”

  1. I love this post! Something that struck me was when you said you usually get questions from children. They are certainly learning gender bias from their parents. Even if the parents ‘know’ better than to say anything. I obviously don’t understand why anyone would have a problem with a child learning nurturing. I’m glad Corolle has such a varied selection!

  2. The pictures got me! He’s so cute. It helps that he has a daddy teaching him that caring for others is manly. 🙂

  3. So cute! I agree – my boys also sometimes drag a doll around or play in a play kitchen, but they also love cars, trucks, trains, animals, mud, etc.

  4. We got my Grandson a baby doll when my DIL was pregnant w/My Grandaughter… he loved it! Nothing wrong w/a boy & a doll!!!! These are so cute, 1st time I’ve seen this brand. Great review!

  5. What a great review and parenting perspective! Your son is adorable. I tried to give my son a doll when I was pregnant and he was not interested. Now that his sister is here and into dolls, I catch him every once in awhile rocking or singing to a doll. I think it shows a very social, realistic, sweet child to play with dolls (boy or girl!) 🙂


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