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Anyone who knows my son also knows that he can be a picky eater.  Happy to eat only carbs and pureed foods, I have to beg him to try new things at each meal unless I make one of his "approved" foods.

But, one item on the approved list that might be a surprise to most is avocados.  Yes, I know, most two year olds don’t gobble up avocados with each meal, but my son is no ordinary two year old.  Throw avocados or guacamole on just about anything and he will literally lick his plate clean, begging for more food. 

Eating guacamole
So, with the many health benefits and the fact that we all can agree they are delicious, we always have avocados on hand these days.  We throw them on tacos, chicken breasts, wraps, sandwiches and more and it’s a delicious and easy way to create dinnertime peace while getting everyone to eat healthy. 

I especially like that the creamy flavor of the avocados allows me to use less sauces and condiments and they can even be substituted into recipes to give them a kick while replacing higher fat items.  And, even when we’re not eating healthy, we still add avocados – usually in the form of guacamole. 

Enjoying guacamole
And, why not?  It’s so easy to make and the kids love it, so we have it at least once a month.  I recently found a new recipe for guacamole on the Avocados from Mexico Community and decided to whip it up as a little treat for the family.  As you can see, it was a very big hit.

Guacamole with avocados from Mexico
I served it with Juanitas chips, which are the most addictive chips known to man.  If you haven’t tried them, I suggest you do.  Right now.  They are that good.  Add in guacamole and they are absolute perfection.  

Are you wanting to do more with avocados but not coming up with anything creative?  If so, check out all the amazing ideas on the Avocados from Mexico Community.  You can find tons of avocado recipes by ingredients, save your favorite recipes, create virtual shopping lists, and even add your own creations to the community. 

Be sure and read the Avocado Blog and watch the Mexican Avocado Channel for even more ways to use avocados in everything you make.  You can apply to be an Avocado blogger, get fun avocado-themed downloads, and even win prizes. 

Want to know more about the Avocados from Mexico community?  Visit the Avocados from Mexico Community page and recipe section. 

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