Turn your kid’s drawing into a one-of-a-kind toy with Cryoow!

My daughter has had an imaginary friend since she was about 2 years old.  During the past three years, I have heard an unlimited number of stories about “Sheeky Baby” {who surprisingly isn’t an actual baby} and the many adventures her and my daughter have embarked on.  But, with as many stories as I have heard, I’ve never been exactly sure what she looks like.  That is, until now. 

My daughter drew this picture of Sheeky Baby for me this past month, and it all became so clear.  Of course Sheeky’s a princess.  And, of course she has a dress that matches my daughter; they are BFFs after all.  

Princess Drawing
As much as I adored the picture my daughter drew, I started thinking wouldn’t it be pretty awesome if my daughter had a mini Sheeky Baby she could play with?  Almost as if they had heard me wonder, I got an email from a company called Cryoow! asking if I wanted to turn my child’s art into a doll.

Naturally, I said yes. 

Cryoow! is short for Create Your Own, and their goal is to take your child’s art and turn it into customized stuffed animals, personalized dolls, and just about anything else your child can dream up.  It all starts with a beloved original picture by your child, which you can scan and send to Cryoow with any notes or messages about the design. 

Cryoow Drawing to Doll
From there the artists at Cryoow do their absolute best to follow your child’s drawing – complete with all the quirks and special touches – to make a truly one-of-a-kind doll.  Once they have completed all the detailing, including hand embroidery, yarning, and beading, the doll is ready to be sent back to the designer {AKA your child}.

And, in just a few short weeks, we received a beautifully detailed package containing our Cryoow dolls delicately swaddled in gift bags with ribbons.  Trust me when I say that it took every single ounce of willpower I had to wait until hubby was home so we could all open them together.  
Wrapped Cryoow dolls
And, when we finally did open them, I was so glad I waited as the reaction was absolutely priceless.  This is Sheeky Baby, the princess, being attacked by my daughter:

Loving on her Cryoow doll
Now, that's love.

Please note that the folks at Cryoow totally nailed the flowers on the asymmetrical dress and the fact that they got lazier and lazier as the rows went on.  They got that she was wearing gorgeous earrings made of the finest cystals, and that her crown was supposed to be slightly crooked and made of the finest gold. 
It's in the details Cryoow
They also knew that the hair wasn’t just on the sides of the head, but rather continued around the back, as did the red cape. 

Cryoow Doll hair
They knew that Sheeky Baby’s high heels were abnormally long and were unconnected to the soles of her shoes.  The only thing they didn’t nail quite right were the flowers on the high heels, which look a bit more like a notorious German symbol from the 20th century than actual flowers.  Of course, this symbol is also deeply rooted in many cultures and could just as easily been a sign of good luck, but I’m thinking that I might need to sew a button over them just for clarity’s sake. 

Cryoow Doll high heels
But, other than a few small liberties that needed to be taken by the tailors at Cryoow in order to translate it to cloth, I think the drawing and the doll could not be more spot on.  Clearly, my daughter agrees that this is no ordinary doll – this is her Sheeky Baby, just as she drew her.  The two are destined to become lifelong friends.

The other day, I was putting my daughter to bed and she started talking about her Cryoow doll and how she was so proud of Sheeky Baby and wanted to show everyone she knows.  Then she told me that every time she looks at her special Sheeky Baby it makes her heart melt because she loves her so much.  I, of course, agreed.   

Cryoow dolls become BFFs
Of course, you don’t have to design a “doll” if you don’t want to, you can literally design anything you want that can translate from paper to cloth.  For instance, a dragon, an animal, and a castle… or a helicopter with two people inside, the smaller of which is waving.

This is the masterpiece my kids created together so my son could have his own Cryoow “doll” of his own.    Helicopter Drawing

As soon as we opened the gift bag that the Cryoow helicopter, we all agreed it was perfect for our little guy.  My son likes forms of transportation far more than he likes most dolls, so it was fitting that his “doll” be unlike any other, and something that must makes loud noises. 

Cryoow dolls for boys
And, my son’s reaction to his Cryoow creation was priceless as he recognized it as their special drawing.  He was really excited that his picture of him and daddy flying in a helicopter had literally come to life in a matter of weeks, and now was something that could be actually played with, not just displayed on the fridge or in a frame.

Whether you already have a prized drawing that fits the very liberal Cryoow specifications or you are looking for a fun afternoon activity of drawing a special doll, animal, or object, there's really no better way to celebrate your child's artistic abilities than to turn their drawing into a playable and displayable Cryoow keepsake to cherish.  I can think of nothing cooler than literally bringing a special piece of art on paper into the next dimension so it is able to be played with and loved on.  With Cryoow, it is finally possible and a truly amazing experience from start to finish.   

While the prices on a personalized Cryoow doll are more than you would pay for a cloth doll in a store, you must remember that each doll is truly one of a kind and very time consuming to make.  Since each drawing has its own quirks, challenges, and special touches, and the doll is 100% to order by Cryoow's professional tailors, they are literally creating a doll from scratch with every single order. 

For that level of personalization and time consuming pattern-making, hair designing, crown gilding, and embroidery that goes into each doll, and, considering that a portion of each sale goes to charity, the price of $149 actually seems low.  Add in the fact that the price includes worldwide DHL delivery for free from Bali and typically runs about 3 weeks from start to finish {yes, only THREE WEEKS for a custom, personalized, perfected masterpiece} and the price tag looks even more reasonable.  

Want to know more about what kinds of drawings make the best toys?  Check out their awesome guide that can help you choose the perfect masterpiece.  Or, are you ready to start creating your own Cryoow doll?  You can start shopping here, where you can upload your scanned images, provide notes and more. 

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