Toast to the Newlyweds with Personal Creations

With lots of family and friends announcing upcoming weddings, I can’t help but start searching early for personalized bridal shower gifts and wedding ideas.  When I got married, it was well before Pinterest and even before people went online for everything, which made it hard to get truly special items that everyone else wasn’t going to have at their wedding. 

Because of this, I’ve always been sad I didn’t have the opportunity to customize the event even more than we did and am very jealous of all of you lucky ducks getting married in this internet age.  You will never understand why I spent weeks searching on a bad {dial-up!} internet connection for one simple little personalized piece of art for the reception or why I ended up having to make almost everything by hand that I wanted special. 

If I was getting married now, I could find hundreds of gorgeous pieces at Personal Creations with a simple click of a mouse.  But, while I’m obviously not getting married now, I still can appreciate the ease of creating awesome, personalized gifts in a matter of minutes with the help of Personal Creations, which is why I return over and over.  It may be quick and easy to shop and order, but it certainly doesn’t look like you didn’t put any thought into a gift worthy of their big day. 

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The first thing that always catches my eye whenever I start shopping is the gorgeous hand thrown Wedding Crock.  What I wouldn’t have given to have this little beauty as my centerpiece on the day of.  I love how classic the Wedding Crock looks, and how it would be great for cut wildflowers or for kitchen utensils year-round. 

Well, you know, if it had my husband’s and my names and wedding date, of course. 

Wedding Crock

And I definitely would have ordered the I Heart…Hoodie personalized with up hubby’s name.  I could have worn for the colder nights on our honeymoon…  or to channel our inner Monica and Chandler and attempt to get a plane upgrade.

In fact, I loved the I Heart…Hoodie so much that I had to order it for a friend’s upcoming wedding.  Now, isn’t this adorable?  
I heart hoodie

I really love that the letters look screenprinted and aren’t cheap iron-on ones you can get at the fabric store, and I also love that it’s got a vintage-y vibe while still looking put together and fun.  I was really happy to hear my friend absolutely loved it and she’s worn it numerous times to pre-wedding events and gotten compliments on it each time. 

Even though I was initially worried at how the shirt would wash up because I seem to have bad luck with hoodies, I was told that by following the washing instructions to a T it came out nicely, even after two washings.  This is great news, because I know this sweatshirt certainly won’t be retired once the wedding is over; it’s going to be the perfect shirt to wear whenever she wants to make her husband smile. 

The next item I ordered was the Mr. and Mrs. Black Mug Set because I also wanted to surprise hubby with a little something as well for our anniversary this summer.  But, I decided not to order ones with our last name on them; I had to go with our pseudonym because I knew it would make him laugh. 

Mr and Mrs Mug
And, as soon as I unwrapped them, I had to laugh myself. 

Since hubby and I have tea almost every evening, I knew these would be the perfect replacement for the snowman mugs that recently got chipped, and I was correct.  While the cube-shaped mugs are smaller than our ginormous mugs we typically use, they still hold about 8 oz, which is still a good size for drinking, especially at night. 


If you are like me and have a bunch of weddings this spring and summer, you should definitely check out Personal Creations and take care of all your shopping at once.  Everyone loves personalized products, and this is even more true for new brides who are changing their name for the one they love.  You really can’t go wrong with a Mr. and Mrs. set for a bridal shower gift that they can use for the wedding or to celebrate the day they wed, and Personal Creations has more choices than I have seen anywhere else.  

Start shopping now for all the special couples on your list to make sure your perfect present arrives before the big day.  And, be sure and check out the Personal Creations coupon page before you start shopping so you can save money while ordering the perfect personalized present.  Win, win.

Leanne SignatureA big thank you to Personal Creations for providing a few personalized items for gifting this spring and summer to facilitate this review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours. 

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