American Girl Holiday Gift Guide 2012

American Girl Holiday 2012Every year I look forward to reading holiday gift guides as much as I look forward to creating one.  I love reading about what others are excited about this year, finding new products, and seeing old favorites make the list.  This year, I was especially excited about a very specific brand releasing their holiday picks almost as much as my daughter has been.

That brand, of course, is American Girl.  While I know a lot about many different types of toys, games, and gifts for girls, the number one brand I get asked about from readers is American Girl.  Maybe this is because I’ve been to so many of their stores, or maybe this is because I live mere minutes from the Seattle store, but whatever the reason, I have become the expert on all things American Girl. 

Whereas last year we were casual fans, this year it is more of a full-blown obsession.  It started with Kit Kittredge and then evolved to include the 2012 girl of the year, McKenna, and now it’s just about everything – the experience of visiting a store, the glossy {free!} catalogs, the adorably pink café, and… everything

We check out local store more often than I’d like to admit and this year we have found quite a few awesome holiday picks any doll-loving girl would flip for, which we’ve compiled into our AG holiday gift guide.  Of course, the list below is not exhaustive and there are literally hundreds of gifts available on the American Girl website, but these are my best guesses at the holiday best sellers this year.

American Girl Holiday Gift Guide
American Girl Dolls

If the child you’re buying for doesn’t have an American Girl doll yet, this is where you start.  Choose your favorite historical doll, My American Girl doll or Bitty Baby and watch her eyes light up this year. 

•    This is your last chance for McKenna, the 2012 Girl of the Year.  Get her and her accessories while you can!

•    Caroline Abbot is the newest historical doll and top of many wish lists this year

•    My American Girl dolls that you can customize especially for your child never go out of style, and they are a big hit with both young girls and even into the early teens.  There’s just something fun about a doll that looks just like you, and this is something every girl hopes to do at one point in her life.

•    Mini dolls are the perfect solution when you can’t quite afford the 18” dolls.  You can choose between a variety of American Girl dolls {even the beloved Samantha!} and each one comes with a mini book.

American Girl Dolls
American Girl Accessories:

Big or small, American Girl undoubtedly has the coolest doll accessories anywhere.  Whether you are on a tight budget or you have some serious cash to plunk down, there’s something for everyone.

•    American Girl books are a great gift as they can be read over and over again.  American Girl dolls have some truly amazing back stories that are fun to read even if you’re not that into dolls.  Whether you choose one based in historical fact or a book that simply looks like a fun read, there are books for every book lover.

•    Snow sets are a great holiday gift and this year the Winter Chalet is top of my daughter’s list.  With a cozy fire and cute little bench, you can create a perfect little lodge for your doll to retire to after a day of sledding, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, skating, or even dog sledding.

•   Caroline's Skiff that seats two dolls is a fun accessory for even boy doll lovers.

•    Matching doll and girl outfits are a great way to make an older doll feel new again and a fun way to dress up for the holidays.  American Girl has tons of options ranging from fancy to casual that would be fun for a doll/child photo shoot.

•    The new Great Outdoors Tent and camping accessories is the perfect gift for the doll on the go and adorable to boot.

•    A baby grand piano that comes with music books, a storage bench and even plays music!

•    The horses, fillies, stables, corrals and riding accessories galore for every horse lover. 

•    And, my favorite new accessory that is on every girl’s {and even some guy’s} wishlist this year… Julie’s 1974 Volkswagen Beetle and car wash set.  Not only is it seriously cute, it also has a working radio, a running motor noise and such realistic details that you'd expect this little car to be able to drive off on its own.
American Girl Holiday

We got the chance to do a photoshoot with the American Girl VW Beetle this week and the results were adorable.  American Girl Kit and McKenna graciously joined in for the photo shoot to show off this amazingly detailed ride and cruise around the town a bit with some holiday picks from the American Girl store. 
American Girl VW Beetle
If this doesn't put you in the holiday spirit, nothing will.  I was surprisingly excited to set up dolls and accessories for pictures, but look at the cuteness I had to work with.  It definitely brought out my inner doll-loving self!

Imagine how much fun your American Girl fan would have playing with the Volkswagen beetle or even setting it up for display in a place of honor.  It's not just a beautiful doll accessory, it's a officially licensed Volkswagen replica that crosses the line between toy and collectible.  Long after your child outgrows playing with dolls, the VW Beetle will be a cherished memory of childhood that will be loved for generations.Volkwagen Beetle American Girl

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to American Girl for sending the VW Beetle for a fun holiday photo shoot.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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  1. I absolutely love that VW Beetle! That is so neat! I hadn’t seen it before. I want Caroline and her Skiff. My daughter is getting the Bitty Baby doll with the crib, high chair, and bath.

  2. That is so cute! I have such fond memories of reading the American Girl books and I honestly cannot wait until my daughter is old enough to read them and shop for the dolls. LOVE!


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