Nutcase Helmets and Little Nutty Helmets {Review}

Tyler polaroidBy Tyler, Editor and Author

Those of you who know us well know that we love riding bikes as a family.  Not only is it a great way to spend time together and explore your surroundings, it’s a great way to really get to know one another.  Of course, a big consideration for bike riding is safety, which is where Nutcase Helmets come in. 

Nutcase Helmets {and their child-size Little Nutty Helmets} have always been one of our favorite bike accessories, which is why they made the list of our favorite products in 2009.  Their blending of style, multisport functionality, and outstanding safety ratings make them an easy win for all of us, especially as the kids get older and get into more sports.

Nutcase girl helmet
Speaking of growing children, I love how Nutcase helmets grow with your child.  Whether you choose a Nutcase Helmet or a Little Nutty Helmet, you will find adjustable straps and an easy-adjust dial for getting the perfect fit, but they also come with a whole bunch of different sized foam pieces that allow you to fine tune them specifically to your head.  Since comfortable helmets are more likely to be left on, this is one of my favorite features to ensure my kids are safe.

Ntg2_stumptownwoody_insideAnd, since safety is such a big concern for us, I am adamant that their protective gear is always accessible, worn properly, and kept in good shape.  Most people watch to make sure their child’s helmet fits properly but most don’t understand that helmets also expire, and that helmets that have been dropped or in an accident can be damaged internally and may even need to be replaced.  In my opinion, it is much better to play it safe when we are talking about children and not risk having cracked or compressed foam that isn’t up to the task. 

And, since it had been over 3 years since our last replacement, we used our growing children as an excuse to check in and see what kind of new designs Nutcase has to offer and were really impressed by how big the line has gotten.  Imagine my surprise when I found that not only do they have a whole bunch of new helmet designs since the last time I looked, but they also have a couple new lines of activity-specific helmets and even some cool new accessories, too, like these adorable bike bells that match their helmets.

Nutcase bells
Since the original helmet was rated for biking, skateboarding, street hockey, skating and more, I had thought they had covered everything.  That was until I saw their new water and snow sport helmets that are specially designed for the specific sports.  With specially designed padding, removable ear flaps, and even temperature regulating fleece for the cold winters, they are perfect for any weather. 

But, the coolest of the new products is the DOT approved line of motorcycle helmets with super wide view flip up visors.  I’m now working hard to convince my wife how economical a nice motorcycle or scooter would be for me so I can have an excuse to get one of these.  Come on, the helmet practically pays for itself with my gas savings!

Nutcase boy helmet
As part of their plan for helmet domination, Nutcase also has a new removable visor that slips in between the hard plastic shell and foam liner of their regular helmet line and adds just a little bit of flair and a lot of functionality.  At first glance I thought there was no way that what looked like a fairly little visor would make that much difference in terms of coverage, but I sure was
Helmet visorwrong.  I didn’t take into account that you are building on the thickness of the helmet that is already there, so adding a couple more inches of shade really does block out quite a bit of light, while also making your helmet that much cooler looking. 

Another improvement to their line is the new magnetic buckle design.  No more worrying about lining the buckle up perfectly, squeezing at just the right place to release it, or accidentally pinching skin in between the buckle with this new magnetic closure.  Now you simply need to get the two sides close to where they attach and the magnets inside pull them together and lock in place securely.  To release them, you simply slide them sideways away from each other to unlock them and then pull them apart.  It is way easier now to buckle and unbuckle with only one hand free as well as when you’re wearing gloves, but I love that it is still hard for tots to take them off themselves and even with rigorous testing we couldn’t get them to unbuckle accidentally.

Nutcase helmets
Since the holidays are approaching and many kids will be opening bikes on Christmas morning, I would suggest you also check out Nutcase helmets ahead of time and have one waiting under the tree, too.  Whereas many helmets wouldn’t make a kid excited, Nutcase helmets have an uncanny ability to make kids excited about safety, which just might be the best present under the tree this year. 

TylerA big thank you to Nutcase Helmets for sending a helmet and a Little Nutty helmet for review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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