Cinderella Diamond Edition on DVD & Blu-ray

Cinderella Diamond Edition

Who doesn’t love a Cinderella story?  Growing up, Disney’s Cinderella was one of my absolute favorite movies, something I would watch over and over again with my sisters as we sang along and danced.  In fact, I can still recite just about half of the movie in its entirety, which I’m hoping eventually comes up in a game of trivia at some point so I can wow everyone with my amazing Cinderella-memorizing powers.  

There was no doubt I’d eventually get Cinderella for my kids as well, the question was just which edition and format to get.  Making the decision to switch to Blu-ray for all of our kids movies, I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Cinderella in Blu-ray for quite some time now. 


On October 2nd the wait will be over, as the Cinderella Diamond Edition DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack is finally released.  If you thought it was magical the first time, just wait until you see it in stunning Blu-ray for the first time.  In vivid color and high definition Blu-ray clarity, it’s easier than ever to be swept away to a land of crafty mice, evil step-somethings, pumpkins you can ride in and a world where glass slippers only shatter when dropped off pillows. 

CinderellaDiamondEdition_Photo_07Ever since the Diamond Edition Cinderella Combo Pack arrived at our house it’s been nonstop talking about “Cinderelly”, and my little four year old is very excited to get invited to her first royal ball.  Sure kiddo, if you get all your chores done.  I said if. 

Even though we've only had a chance to watch it a few times now, I can already tell that Cinderella is going to be a beloved classic just as it was when I was young.  Of course, I'm thrilled, because it gives me a great excuse to watch it over and over again, as well as show off my amazing memorizing and reciting abilities.

Be sure and pick up the Cinderella Combo Pack when it’s released this Tuesday.  The 2-disc or 3-disc CINDERELLA: DIAMOND EDITION on Blu-ray Combo Pack, Digital and On-Demand viewing will be available at the stroke of midnight and only available for a short time!

Bonus material includes  "The Real Fairy
 the incredible true story of Mary Alice O'Conner who was
the inspiration for the character of the Fairy Godmother,
"Bibbidi-Bobbidi-You" a second screen personalized
digital storybook and more.

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A big thank you to Disney for sending the Diamond Edition Combo Pack to facilitate this review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

2 thoughts on “Cinderella Diamond Edition on DVD & Blu-ray”

  1. This was my FAVORITE princess movie when I was young (Until Beauty and the beast came out!) The part when she sings with herself in the bubbles was a part I would rewind over and over to rewatch.
    I think I need to have a girl so she can appreciate all the priness movies with me…

  2. Thanks for the review. I feel as though I can relate greatly with how you feel about all the special feelings that come with a movie like Cinderella. She is lovely both in personality and presence and looks optimistically at life even when her world is not sunshine and roses. Her animal friends have always been my favorite part of the movie since they acted like her personal cheerleading squad, but they were her only compassionate company who cares enough to help her as well. Having seen the original made me question whether seeing the film again on Blu-ray was necessary, but coworkers of mine from DISH who know our family’s love for Disney movies have said the Blu-ray version is definitely worth seeing. My passion for buying movies is sweet and sour like the drama behind the camera; I love the smell of a new Blu-ray, it’s an addicting, but expensive habit. The decision to start renting from Blockbuster @Home has given me the freedom to save a lot of money, but the best part is that I’m watching a lot more movies than before. If Cinderella turns out to be all everyone says it is, I might have to make an exception this one time.


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