Thomas & Friends Toddler Swing {Review}

My kiddos love swingsets and could swing all day long if I let them.  Whenever we go to the park, we spend 90% of the time on the swings, and it’s always a struggle to get them to go anywhere else.  We thought about adding a small swingset to our yard this year, but instead decided that they were still a bit too young for a full set and we would just visit the park for our swingtime. 

But, when we received a surprise package from Jakks Pacific that held a Thomas & Friends Toddler Swing from Kids Only, my kiddos were over the moon excited.  What is it, mama? they Thomas Toddler Swingcried, running to see what came in the big huge box.  In fact, they were so interested in it that I had to put it up in the closet to hide it because they both were dying to use it. 

Made of heavy-duty molded plastic in the shape of everyone’s favorite tank engine, Thomas, the swing gets high marks both for design and for durability.  It has an adjustable safety belt and comes with everything you need to install it, including detailed instructions, rope and easy hang hardware which makes it easy to install correctly without worry.  

We ended up taking it to a local park with us that unfortunately does not have an infant or toddler swing and within moments we had it hooked up and ready.  Luckily, it couldn’t have been easier to install it, you basically just hook the heavy duty nylon rope with metal hooks onto the existing swing rings and it’s ready.   Because it’s so easy to hook up, you can use it a variety of places, including sturdy trees, support beams, and play structures.

Since we were hooking it on heavy duty play equipment that was sturdy enough for full-grown adults, we knew it was safe to let my not-so-little babies try it out and let them have at it, much to their delight.  Since they are both within the recommended weight limit of 50lbs we thought it would be a good test to see how sturdy the swing is.

We are happy to report that it did rather nicely and they both felt very secure in the swing.  And, look how much fun they had:

4yo in Thomas Swing
My daughter, at 4, is almost 40lbs now and she fit really comfortably in the swing and loved it.  The only real problem came when it was time to lift her out it was a bit awkward to get her long legs out of the swing comfortably. 

My son, at a year and a half, was perfect size for the swing and didn’t want to stop swinging long enough to give anyone else a try. 

Toddler in Thomas SwingBut, after letting them both try it out for a while, we then let our little nephew have a turn for his first time ever in a real swing. Since the high back of the swing helped support him while sitting, it was the perfect first swing and much safer than the toddler swings at most parks. 

While we didn't really get the swing swinging, he absolutely loved sitting in it and slowly wiggling while giggling.  Not only was it adorable, it was also a huge hit for baby and mama.    

Baby in Thomas Swing
Thomas & Friends Toddler Swing is recommended for ages
9-36 months and up to 50lbs.  You can find it at Toys R US for $29.99 but it is currently on sale for $24.99!

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Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Jakks Pacific for sending a sample to facilitate this review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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