How to Host a Dinner Party, ActiFry Style

ActiFry Holiday Party Recipe
This weekend I’m hosting my first cooking party ever. 

I’ve hosted potlucks before, cocktail parties, and I’ve had dinner parties, but I’ve never done anything as crazy as let my guests cook. 

1357_t-fal actifryWe’ll be cooking everything from appetizers to desserts in the PTPA Winning T-Fal ActiFry and would love to have you join us virtually as we see all that this little machine can do!  All Saturday evening you can follow our tweets at #actifryholidayparty to see what we’re up to!  {Bonus: anyone tweeting about the party using the hashtag over the weekend PTPA new badgewill get extra entries into the super secret giveaway we are hosting next week… woo hoo!}

Does anyone have any advice for me on ways to get it to run smoothly?  Any suggestions on recipes you would like to see someone try out in the ActiFry?

Actifry party

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5 thoughts on “How to Host a Dinner Party, ActiFry Style”

  1. ONION RINGS & Sweet Potato! My husband & I are seriously interested in the ActiFry so I’m excited to see what you all think about it!
    inalak at msn dot com

  2. Cut up pita bread, spray with non stick cooking oil and shake your favorite popcorn flavoring on it, pop in microwave nad cook for bout 8 min. Crispy and low dat


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