BigJigs Polar Glacier Playset

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Don’t you love when companies just “get it”?  BigJigs is one of those companies that understands that parents these days want the best of all worlds – imagination inspiring, adorable, educational, quality-made, and extended play value toys for their kids.  For 25 years BigJigs has been all the rage in Europe, creating truly amazing products that are all of the above and more, and they recently made their way to the States just in time for the holidays. 

If you haven’t been introduced to BigJigs before, you will definitely want to check out their amazing line of wooden heirloom quality toys to see all that their line offers.  From houses and castles to trains and tracks, there’s a playset for any interest and any age.  And, I do mean any age.

Jt110---dino-islandJust one look through their online catalog and you will be reminded of all that is awesome about childhood.  Imagine exploring a jungle with your child one day, visiting the artic the next, and then running a farm full of colorful animals after that.  When the adventure is through you simply hop on their rail cars and ride on home so at the end of the day you can relax in your cottage, your mansion, or castle with the rest of your family.  This is the life of BigJigs. 

A few weeks ago BigJigs came to play with us in the form of the Polar Glacier Playset and from the moment it arrived, it has proved to be hours and hours of fun.  As with most BigJigs sets, the first activity was putting the playset together as it arrived in pieces, flat for shipping.  While this typically isn’t the fun part of toys, in the case of BigJigs it definitely is.  The wooden playset pieces are incredibly unique in that they notch together like puzzle pieces to create exciting new worlds ready for play. 

Jt111--polar-glacierIn mere minutes the flat wooden pieces became an artic exploration unlike anything I had ever seen, complete with an underwater level with alcoves for the included animals to swim around, an ice slide for the seals to shimmy down, an ice cave perfect for a polar bear’s den, and an adorable igloo to house the sweet Eskimo couple when they are finished ice fishing.  To say that this playset is fun is an understatement; each day playing with it is more like an adventure. 

Not only do we love how fun it is to build our own icy world with the Polar Glacier Playset, we love all the included animals and friends that take play to a whole new level.  Now instead of a deserted landscape of ice, snow, and water, we’ve got a cross section of the arctic that includes all the diverse animals and people who call it home.  All of this, of course, makes it a great learning tool as well, which is yet another reason I love that the BigJigs Polar Glacier set is such a huge hit in our house.  What better way to teach your children about people and places near and far than by spending an afternoon immersed in imaginative play?

If you are looking for a classic holiday gift for a special little one, I would highly recommend checking out the BigJigs toys line.  You can find their wooden heritage playsets at as well as many local toy stores and online.   
BigJigs Polar Glacier

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to BigJigs for sending their Polar Glacier Playset to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this very Rave Review.

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