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There’s nothing like creativity to help trump boredom.  I truly think it’s impossible to feel bored or restless if your mind is busy creating something grand and using your imagination.  It’s during these rainy and cold fall days that I like to encourage the kids to get creative right here at home.  So, we spend our time building with blocks together, playing “guess what I made”, and learning 31paYeKh-tL._SL500_AA300_all about physics as we build up and defy gravity. 

This means that our HABA bin never really gets put away these days as it seems like someone is always playing with the collection of brightly colored beech wood blocks in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Recently we added the Color Play Building Blocks from HABA and they have brought even more fun to our playtime.  

The Color Play set comes with 6 half-square blocks {or bridges} in various colors and patterns and then 3 small cubes that fit perfectly inside the pairs of bridges.  Then, in each one of the 3 small cubes IMG_0508is a special surprise in the design – whether it’s a ball in a gem, a rattle, or a squishy ball – that cannot be removed.  These extra special additions, of course, make these cubes the treasure when we are on a hunt or simply add to our creativity while we build our designs.

The Color Play Building Blocks are fun to mix and match as a puzzle and fit each of the cubes and bridges together, but they are also fun to stack and play with as building blocks.  And it’s because of the 6 uniform size and shape bridge blocks in the Color Play set that have allowed Haba blocksus to build a more stable base for our creations and thus build up taller and taller… which is more fun for us to build and all the more delightful for little one to knock down.  Naturally, this also makes our “guess what I made game” so much more fun as we now have uniform pieces to add to our collection that are perfect for making cameras, beds, telephones, and more.

Although incredibly fun to play, construct, and discover with simply on their own, when added to our HABA Animal Arranging Game, our buildings have taken on a whole new dimension.  The fun lopsided and off-square designs of the Animal Arranging Game allow you to create some truly funky towns, buildings, towers, and structures with the HABA Color Play Blocks.  The animal friends can then be seen peeking around corners, hiding on structures, and helping hold the town’s buildings together and add a fun touch of whimsy to whatever we’ve built with the Color Play Blocks.

Then once “Brozilla” {brother + Godzilla} knocks down the town, we gather up the small cube treasures to shake, observe, and bring some tactile fun to our block play.  Luckily the HABA blocks are age 1 and up which means that Brozilla doesn’t hurt the blocks, he just challenges us to build better and more stable buildings… hopefully on higher ground.

If you’re anticipating a long a cold fall followed by a long and cold winter, you will definitely want to make sure you have some HABA blocks on hand to help make cooped up at home feel fun and exciting.  The HABA Color Play Building Blocks are for Age 1 and up and retail from $31.49.  You can find both the Color Play Building Blocks as well as the Animal Arranging Game Blocks at Maukilo.com.   

A Leanne Signature 2big thank you to HABA for sending their Color Play Building Blocks for review. All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. I love the Wheely Bug. So cute.
    Our daughter Katie, called with wonderful news last night. She is now expecting after trying for 6 years. I would love to win this for her.

  2. I Love the Road and Rail Zip Bin… that is a really unique idea…never seen anything like it. Now I want one. lol

  3. I love the Baby Sea 4 Piece Magnetic Set, and it’s under $10!!! I’m totally shopping on their site right now!
    I hope I win this too for my son!! Thanks for the Giveaway!
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