Knock Out The Fat with George Foreman Healthy Cooking

Sponsored postI love our George Foreman Grill. Even in our very well stocked kitchen it is hands-down one of my most used kitchen appliances for quick and easy dinners. By now our Evolve Grill has seen many family meals and the grill plates have endured numerous cycles through the dishwasher, but it still performs just as great as the day it arrived almost a year ago. So, when given the opportunity to test out the newest contact grill from George Foreman that features a 72 square inch cooking surface with removable dishwasher-safe grill plates, I was giddy with excitement.    

With the launch of their Knock Out the Fat campaign years ago that encourages people to cook healthier by nixing oil and grease, George Foreman Healthy Cooking has been on the forefront of fat-reduction cooking. It all has to do with their patented slope design that allows the fat to drip away into an easy to wash drip tray while your food is cooked to perfection, which means less fat ends up on your dinner table. Then they took healthy cooking even further by designing truly non-stick cooking surfaces that need no oil or butter added, another bonus to those watching their waistline.

George Foreman Grill But, now new independent testing has backed up what we all suspected all along and has shown that the sloped George Foreman Grill removes up to 42 percent of fat from quarter pound burgers made with 80/20 ground chuck beef. This translates to an approximate reduction of 89 calories per burger! Crazy, right?

Now I hear you saying, “But, anything cooked that lean couldn’t possibly still be delicious.” Wrong.

Anyone who has ever tried a George Foreman knows how efficient the design is, and how much oil and grease collects in the drip tray after cooking – something I was shocked about the first time I saw it in action.  But the real surprise came when we tasted our meal and found that the foods cooked on the grill are still incredibly flavorful and, quite simply, delicious. I certainly didn’t miss all the added fat and grease, and actually think our meals are even more delicious off the grill.

The George Foreman GRP4B Next Grilleration Removable Plate Grill may be a mouthful to say, but once your meal is served you won’t want to do much talking anyway. This new spin on the classic takes the George Foreman that has been beloved for decades {can it be that long, really?} and brings it iGrill Plates in Dishwashernto the next generation of cooking – dishwasher safe cleanup. For those of you that used to own an old George Foreman, you know that the biggest complaint was how to best clean the cooking surface, and you will be happy to know that the company heard you loud and clear. 

You can now use their included custom grill spatulas to scrape off the grill plates after use and then just pop them directly into your standard dishwasher and cleanup is complete. I found that the grill plates were just as easy to clean as they claimed, and that it took mere seconds to do our post-dinner cleanup, even after the messiest meal. Even better was that they didn’t take up the whole dishwasher, as it’s not really a convenience if you have to run it as its own dishwasher load, is it?

If you haven’t tried any of the newest George Foreman Grills with removable plates, I would highly recommend them. We’ve had consistent success with ours and recommend it for anyone looking to lose a little bit of the fat without sacrificing taste. 

Features of the George Foreman Next Grilleration Removable Plate Grill:
•    72 square inch grilling surface lets you cook for 4
•    2 dishwasher-safe removable grill plates for easy clean up
•    Temperature indicator light indicates plates are at grilling temperature
•    Integrated handle is ergonomic & compact
•    George Tough™ Triple non-stick coating is durable & eliminates need for oil
•    Patented sloped grill design knocks out the fat
•    1 ½" floating hinge works to accommodate thick cuts of meat
•    Embedded heat elements provide consistent heat & rapid recovery time
•    Dishwasher-safe removable plates with cool-touch handles for easy clean up
•    2 Plates included: 2 ribbed grill plates
•    2 drip trays catch run off liquids for no-mess clean up
•    2 spatulas are customized for grill
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Leanne Signature 2 A big thank you to George Foreman Healthy Cooking and the Family Review Network for this review opportunity. Even though the Next Grilleration Grill was provided for review purposes as were the independent study findings, all opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. Wow, that’s cool grill plates remove the oil of the meat this will help to decrease cholesterol on food.


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