The Mommy Hook: A Travel Essential

Get Out and PLAY – Day 6

As I prepared for my first little ones arrival, the items for babies and children began to fill the house.  While it took some creative reorganizing and some gifting of old non-child oriented items, eventually everything found its place.  So once, baby arrived I figured we were set and couldn’t possibly need anything else… with the exception of those adorable outfits that would look too perfect on our little princess and the endless supply of necessary diapers and wipes!

What slipped my mind was that I used to have the use of both arms and just a purse to carry around.  Now, as all mommy’s out there know, I can’t go anywhere without some type of baby 71097_33096021574_1247347_ntravel equipment; stroller, carrier or car seat.  Whichever way we are traveling that day, my purse (which is now my wallet and cell phone stuffed inside the diaper bag) and the travel item combined take up at least one of my hands!  So I am now down one hand at all times.  Then there are those endless needs for my other hand to be placing a bottle, pacifier or toy in place.  Unfortunately this leaves nothing left for everything else we used to use our hands for!

  Any shopping becomes instantly almost impossible alone, so, at first I avoided it.  I made my husband do the runs to the grocery store for dinner or at least accompany me on those larger trips to Costco and Target.  Eventually, though, we were both back at work and the reality of life and my need to still run errands set in.  Thank goodness for The Mommy Hook

The Mommy Hook is an ingenious oversized carabiner that is made of sturdy aluminum, making it much tougher than the competing hooks on the market.  It is also wonderfully designed with a large portion of the hook covered in rubber to keep it from sliding around once in place.  It is advertised mostly as a stroller hanger, but I found it works wonders for when you need that extra arm to hold your purchases at the grocery store or anything that is in a handled bag. 

Gallery_2 I was a little skeptical at first of how beneficial this hook might be for me.  My go-to travel system for baby is the font pack carrier, as baby loves to be close to me and it sometimes allows me the use of both hands.  So while shopping, I can hook my diaper bag and my empty reusable store bags onto the cart ensuring that I have both hands to grab everything we need.  And to my delight, at checkout I can also attach the hook to the base of my carrier, and load on the bags at the checkout stand; leaving me with one hand filled by diaper bag and the other hand free to unlock the car.

Gallery_3 Although, I must admit I am still in shock about the quantity of items necessary for baby just to make a simple half-day trip, I am very grateful to have such a compact item that helps me keep everything organized and manageable.  I will undoubtedly be adding a few of these to my stash and will probably become my go-to new mom gift! or find out more at  Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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A big thank you to Mom Dad and Baby for sending their Mommy Hook for review.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review. 

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