Introducing the LUNE by Cielux

Most people don’t focus much on the colors around us, but that’s not to say that they don’t affect us.  In fact, many experts have suggested that color has a lot to do with our emotions.  Just ask anyone who has to spend any length of time in my very misguidedly painted yellow bedroom each day and they will tell you how negatively it affects their mood.  While I would still like to repaint the lemon-colored atrocity sometime soon, I have recently found the perfect way to disguise the color beautifully. 

0346TA-LUNE-000L1-MCWH The solution is the LUNE by Cielux, which is a new lighting solution that can completely transform your space by using color.  With the LUNE boasting seven primary colors, adjustable light intensity and two automatic color-fading modes {one fast, one slow}, I can now redecorate with color just by a simple touch.  Whether I am chasing away the rainy and gloomy days of spring with a soft yellow light or I am creating a relaxing retreat with a green cast, the LUNE is perfect for all my many moods. 

Feature2_pic Adding to the coolness that is the LUNE is the fact that it just looks classy, like a piece of modern art that just happens to add ambiance, atmosphere, and interest to even the most plain area of your home.  The LUNE light has the power of several LEDs in a small, singular beam of light, which gives you brilliant and long-lasting colors.   Even when it’s not turned on {which is a rarity}, the LUNE looks great in any room and could be placed in a movie room, family room, or even an office to add some color and life.

Not only is it sophisticated, sleek, and eye-catching, the LUNE LED light is also so easy to operate that my two year old can do it.  With an integrated touch sensor that allows you to change colors, intensity, and program with merely a tap, something that is surprisingly fun to do.  Simply tap the touch pad to turn the unit on, tap again to change colors, press the touch pad to dim each color, and hold it longer to turn the unit off.

Lune_ks_8_thumbnail Of course, this would all be cool on its own, but what makes it really rave-worthy is that the top crescent of the LUNE can rotate in a variety of angles to position the lens in the exact spot you prefer.  This is ideal if you are planning on using it in a theatre room or living room and want to position the light just so on the wall to maximize the impact.  This might be my favorite feature because I love that you can create shapes with the light on the wall and fine tune the color depending on where it's placed.

Lune_promo I really love the LUNE light and the fact that it can literally go in any room of my house and allow me to design with light.  The best part is I can redecorate with a single touch throughout the day!  You’d be surprised at how much it can change the mood of a room and make you want to linger there longer. 

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LUNE color-changing LED mood lamp by Cielux from DiCon Lighting on Vimeo.

Leanne Signature 2 A big thank you to Cielux and DiCon Lighting for this review opportunity.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. Yeah it really really affect are emotion I agree with that, that color has a lot to do with our emotions. When I view the video of lune I feel curious and great using the LED lights its WOW ,,, How much it cost that stuff?? I like to put that in my small bar in my house and garden too.. Thanks for sharing a very well done stuff.. !!!
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