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When you’re talking classic toys for children of all ages, you are most certainly going to be talking about HearthSong.  They have one of the most amazing selections of toys that inspire the type of child’s play we all want for our kids.  Whether it is imagination inspiring toys that can become just about anything your child can dream up, outdoor toys to burn off energy, or games and puzzles to pass time during the rainy days of spring, HearthSong has a huge selection of gifts at a great price.

HearthSong is the kind of site I could spend all day at, checking out their vast selection of toys and wishing that I had an unlimited toy budget for all the children in my life.  It’s not just that they have all the items that I am searching for; it’s that they have them at a great price as well as HearthSong exclusives that you won’t find anywhere else. 

The site is incredibly easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.  With headers offering drop down lists and a side bar with numerous ways to search for the perfect gift, shopping can be as quick as you’d like it, or you can spend hours browsing their selection like my daughter and I do.  If you have a particular item in mind, you can use their search function, or you can shop by price, interest or age range, amongst other categories.  These are perfect for the seasoned kid’s toy connoisseur like myself, as well as for aunts, uncles, godparents and grandparents to pick up that one special gift that is sure to be the hit of the party.

726052 Because of its classic toy styling, I was immediately drawn to the HearthSong exclusive Wooden Retro Kitchen that is an adorable take on the heirloom quality wood play kitchen.  The Retro Play Kitchen is beautiful and sure to inspire hours of play, in spite of being the best priced wooden play kitchen I have seen anywhere.  Sold in a set of two with a sink and stove unit and a separate mini refrigerator, the HearthSong Retro Kitchen is a fraction of the cost of other modular kitchens for kiddos.  Instead of selling each piece separately and marking up the price for each, HearthSong understands that no kitchen is complete without all pieces and sells the set at a huge discount over individual pieces.   

Besides being absolutely adorable, the pink and chrome Wooden Retro Kitchen stands out with its ample storage space, something that seems to be lacking in a lot of other kitchens we’ve looked at.  Everyone knows that to truly enjoy your kitchen you need to have food and all sorts of accessories, but most kitchens have little to no storage space for all the fun stuff.  The Retro Kitchen may be tot size and compact, but the sink and stove unit itself has more storage than my little sister’s apartment, which is great because I think we have more stuff to store for our play chef than her and her roommate do combined. 

726091 The sink and stove unit is 26"L x 15"W x 27"H and has a great retro styling that includes a battery operated clock and curved detailing.  Below the removable sink basin is a cabinet that could potentially hold all of our massive collection of play food and then some.  It has a sturdy wooden handle that opens to reveal a cabinet with a removable shelf.  This shelf can be taken out if you store your food in large storage bins or totes, or left in to help organize the many small items that come with fake food sets. 

The oven has the same sturdy handle and is hinged to the side for safety – so little kids cannot step on the oven door to climb – and is as large as the adjoining cabinet.  The oven can accommodate even the largest play cookware, including a large wooden cookie sheet and a 10” round fake pizza stone that has a 4” handle.  The oven also has a removable shelf that is painted to look like an oven rack, so we can get numerous dishes cooking at once.  Above the oven is an awesome stove top that has four raised burners, each with its own wooden knob that makes a satisfying clicking noise as you turn. 

The refrigerator/freezer unit is 16-1/2"L x 14"H x 31"W and includes the same curved styling as the sink and stove unit.  It can hold a massive amount of food, condiments and bins that store all sorts of kitchen goodies, and play perishables.  The door of the fridge has a great condiment holder and egg storage area just like mom’s fridge does, and the main fridge has a shelf to help organize and corral the smaller food items.  The freezer space is on the bottom of the fridge unit and offers yet another large storage space for goods and food. 

Because of the modular design that allows the units to be placed separately, the Retro Kitchen is easy to place in your child’s room, playroom, or even your living room.  And, unlike ugly primary color kitchens, the pink and chrome Retro Kitchen is cute enough to display.  It is big enough to allow two or more children to play at once in the kitchen, as well as storing a whole family’s stash of play food, the Retro Kitchen is the perfect kitchen to grow with your family.  

HearthSong Retro Kitchen Collage
Having seen firsthand the quality and attention to detail that goes into a HearthSong exclusive, I will absolutely be recommending HearthSong to family and friends who are looking for that perfect gift that will inspire their children and will last through multiple kids.  As well as having great quality merchandise at already low prices, you can find some amazing deals in HearthSong’s sale and clearance section to stretch your toy budget.

And, as if every day low prices and sale prices aren’t enough, HearthSong also offers a $200 gift card giveaway every month that you can enter to win at their website.  If you’re feeling lucky, you should click here to go directly to the contest page.  You can also become a fan of HearthSong on Facebook to keep up to date on all special promotions and discounts. 


Retro Kitchen Price: MSRP $269, but it is currently on sale for $199

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A huge thank you to HearthSong for sending their exclusive Retro Kitchen to be reviewed and for telling us more about the HearthSong family of products.  All opinions are 100% mine and no monetary compsensation was received for this Rave Review.


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  1. I love wooden toys,especially play furniture.The large plastic kitchens are fine but they are nowhere near as nice to look at and I think children get a better experience with wooden furniture, its just more realistic.


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